The ET7 delivered around 3,000 units per month for most of the second half of 2022, but only 521 and 649 units were delivered in January and February of this year, respectively.


(From left to right: EC7, EC6, ET7, ET5. Screenshot on March 13.)

Past experience has shown that whenever NIO's mobile app stops showing the wait time for a model, it means that the improved version of the model is not far from release.

The NIO App stopped showing the expected delivery date for the electric vehicle maker's flagship sedan, the ET7, starting today, the first time the company's model wait times have changed in the past month.

The NIO App is currently showing eight models, including the old ES8, ES6 and EC6 based on the NT 1.0 platform and the new ES8, ES7, EC7, ET7 and ET5 based on the NT 2.0 platform.

The EC7 coupe SUV and the new ES8 were launched at NIO Day 2022 held on December 24, 2022, with deliveries to begin in May and June 2023, respectively.

Wait times for all other NIO models remain unchanged today. The last change to this information was on February 14, when the wait times for both the ES7 and ET7 changed from the previous 3-4 weeks to about 3 weeks, and for the ET5 from about 3 weeks to 2-3 weeks.

(From left to right: All-new ES8, old ES8, ES7, ES6. Screenshot on March 13.)

NIO's latest move comes at a time when discussions on social media about a revamped version of the ET7 are on the rise.

In several WeChat groups where CnEVPost is present, some NIO followers are already anticipating a facelift of the sedan one year since deliveries began.

Longtime NIO follower and auto blogger @肉肉爸比ev hinted on March 10 that a revamped version of the ET7 is not far away.

"Are people that concerned about the ET7 facelift? Let's just say the 2023 ET7 may be coming soon," the blogger wrote.

Changes to the new ET7 will likely not be significant, and NIO may offer upgrade options to owners of the current model, the blogger said, adding that consumers interested in the ET7 may choose to wait and see in the short term.

NIO launched the ET7, its first sedan, at the NIO Day 2020 event on January 9, 2021, with deliveries starting March 28, 2022.

In April 2022, the ET7's first full month of delivery, the sedan was ranked No. 10 in a list of premium sedans starting at more than RMB 300,000 ($43,440) by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) with 693 retail sales.

With increased capacity, ET7 sales continued to grow after deliveries began and reached a new monthly high of 4,349 units in June 2022.

Deliveries of the ET7 remained around 3,000 units per month for the vast majority of the second half of last year, but in December deliveries slipped to 1,379 units, missing the CPCA's ranking of premium sedan sales for the first time.

NIO stopped publishing ET7 figures in its monthly delivery figures this year, but figures released by the CPCA show that the sedan delivered 521 units in January and 649 units in February.

The CPCA's figures come from the numbers reported by carmakers, and the ET7 sales figures in its monthly rankings are consistent with the available figures previously published by NIO.

(1 $ = RMB 6.9063)

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Changes in wait times for NIO models

03/14/23ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks3-4 weeks
03/14/23ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks4-6 weeks
03/13/23ET7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksNAStop showing
02/14/23ES7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksAbout 3 weeks
02/14/23ET7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksAbout 3 weeks
02/14/23ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks2-3 weeks
02/6/23ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeksAbout 3 weeks
01/28/23ES7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks3-4 weeks
01/28/23ET7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks3-4 weeks
01/28/23ET5 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeks3-4 weeks
01/11/23ET5 (NT 2.0)8-10 weeks7-9 weeks
01/5/23ET5 (NT 2.0)9-11 weeks8-10 weeks
12/29/22ET5 (NT 2.0)10-12 weeks9-11 weeks
12/22/22ET5 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeks10-12 weeks
12/20/22ES7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeks2-3 weeks
12/13/22ET5 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeks12-14 weeks
12/13/22ET7 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeks2-3 weeks
12/13/22EC6 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
12/2/22ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeks13-15 weeks
11/25/22ES7 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeks4-6 weeks
11/25/22ET7 (NT 2.0)3-5 weeksAbout 2 weeks
11/23/22ES8 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
11/16/22ET7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeks3-5 weeks
11/10/22ES8 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksAbout 2 weeks
11/10/22ES6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksAbout 2 weeks
11/10/22EC6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeksAbout 2 weeks
11/3/22ES7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeks7-9 weeks
11/3/22ET7 (NT 2.0)6-8 weeks4-6 weeks
11/3/22ES8 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks2-3 weeks
11/3/22ES6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks2-3 weeks
11/3/22EC6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks2-3 weeks
10/31/22ES7 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeks11-13 weeks
10/31/22ES8 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks2-4 weeks
10/31/22ES6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks2-4 weeks
10/31/22EC6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks2-4 weeks
10/21/22ES7 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeks12-14 weeks
10/21/22ET7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeks6-8 weeks
10/21/22ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeksNAStop showing
10/21/22ES8 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks3-5 weeks
10/21/22ES6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks3-5 weeks
10/21/22EC6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks3-5 weeks