As of today, 's battery swap station network has completed its initial coverage of all districts in Shanghai.

NIO today saw its 100th battery swap station go live in Shanghai, completing the network's initial coverage of all districts in the city where its global headquarters is located.

The battery swap station is located near the CSSC Pavilion in Shanghai's Huangpu district, which was converted from the former Jiangnan Shipyard facility, according to an article posted by NIO on its mobile app today.

The launch of the station means that NIO's battery swap station network completes its initial coverage of all 16 administrative districts in Shanghai, the company said.

To date, 87 percent of NIO owners in Shanghai have a battery swap station within 3 kilometers of their homes.

NIO's battery swap stations have served a cumulative total of 41,866 owners in Shanghai, with 52.09 percent of the power used by their vehicles coming from the facility.

The electric vehicle company has provided more than 1.6 million battery swap services in Shanghai, reducing carbon emissions by about 38,590 tons.

One battery swap station in Minhang District was the most visited by NIO owners, with 65,668 visits, it said.

For NIO, Shanghai is a critical market. In 2021, NIO has the No. 1 market share of 23 percent of all fuel and electric SUVs priced over RMB 350,000 in Shanghai, William Li, the company's founder, chairman and CEO, said during an earnings call on March 25.

On August 18, NIO opened a new service center in Songjiang district, its 10th in the city and the largest in China.

With an overall area of over 12,000 square meters, the service center has up to 70 repair stations and 129 standard parking spaces, covering functions such as maintenance, sheet metal, painting, vehicle diagnosis and car washing.

In China, NIO has 1,245 battery swap stations and 2,156 charging stations providing 12,572 charging piles as of today.