Update: Added more accurate numbers from the CPCA.

The number surpassed the previous record of 78,906 vehicles in June to set a new high.

's China-made vehicles sold 83,135 wholesale units in September, according to data released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

Earlier today, Tesla shared data with CnEVPost showing that it delivered more than 83,000 China-made vehicles in September.

That figure surpassed the previous record of 78,906 vehicles in June and represents an increase of about 48.44 percent in Tesla Giga Shanghai deliveries in September compared to 56,006 vehicles in the same month last year and an increase of 8.02 percent compared to 76,965 vehicles in August.

Tesla has a factory in Shanghai that produces the Model 3 and Model Y, with the latter being China's best-selling high-end SUV priced at more than RMB 300,000 ($42,150) in many months.

Two versions of the Model 3 are currently offered in China, as well as three versions of the Model Y.

The Model 3 currently starts at RMB 279,900 in China and the Model 3 Performance at RMB 367,900. The Model Y starts at RMB 316,900, the Model Y Long Range at RMB 394,900 and the Model Y Performance at RMB 417,900.

(Image credit: Tesla China)

On October 1, Tesla China announced three purchase benefits on Weibo, including insurance subsidy, 0 down payment financing lease, and preferential loan rates.

Consumers who purchase the Model 3 as well as the Model Y and receive delivery between October 1 and December 31 will be eligible for an RMB 7,000 subsidy if they choose to purchase vehicle insurance from Tesla's partner insurance agencies, according to a Tesla poster.

This is the first time Tesla has publicly marketed its vehicle insurance offer for Chinese consumers, after offering RMB 8,000 such discounts in stores last month.

On September 30, Huxiu cited unnamed multiple sources as saying that the Model Y was expected to see a price cut of up to RMB 40,000, allowing the model's rear-wheel-drive version to potentially start at RMB 270,000 to RMB 290,000.

However, The Paper later cited a response from a Tesla China source who said the rumor was false, but provided no further details.

The number of vehicles Tesla delivered to Chinese consumers in September is currently unknown, but in August, Model Y retail sales in China were 31,112 units, the best-selling of all high-end SUVs in China including those with starting prices above RMB 300,000, the CPCA's ranking showed.

From January to August, Tesla Model Y retail sales in China were 172,418 units, up 187.84 percent from 59,900 units in the same period last year.

The model also ranked No. 1 in all premium SUV sales from January to August, according to the CPCA's list.

Separately, the Tesla Model Y has the highest resale value among pure electric models sold in China at 88.76 percent, according to a list released by the China Automobile Dealers Association on September 15.