delivered a record 31,607 units in the third quarter, slightly above the low end of its previous guidance range of 31,000-33,000 units.

Nio delivered more than 10,000 vehicles last month, bringing third-quarter deliveries to an all-time high.

The company delivered 10,878 vehicles in September, up 2.35 percent from 10,628 in the same month last year and up 1.88 percent from 10,677 in August, according to data released today.

The delivery volume included 7,729 SUVs, including 1,895 ES7s, and 3,149 sedans, including 2,928 ET7s and 221 ET5s, Nio said.

Nio currently has six models on sale, including three SUVs based on the NT 1.0 platform -- ES8, ES6 and EC6, and three models based on the NT 2.0 platform -- ES7, ET7 and ET5, of which ES7 is an SUV, while ET7 and ET5 are sedans.

In the third quarter, Nio delivered 31,607 vehicles, its highest for a single quarter. This represents a 29.33 percent year-on-year increase and a 26.13 percent increase over the second quarter.

Notably, the delivery volume lies near the low end of the company's previous guidance range of 31,000-33,000 units, perhaps because it is cautious about the ET5's initial capacity creep to ensure quality.

From January to September, Nio delivered 82,434 vehicles, up 24.16 percent from 66,395 units in the same period last year.

By the end of September, Nio's cumulative deliveries since its inception stood at 249,504 vehicles, data monitored by CnEVPost shows.

For Nio, the most-watched models are the ET7 and the ET5.

Nio began deliveries of the ET7 on March 28, and the flagship sedan has been on the China Passenger Car Association's (CPCA) list of top-selling premium sedans each month since April.

Nio ET7 deliveries in September were down 6.33 percent from 3,126 units in August, for which the company did not explain. Since deliveries began in March, a total of 15,439 units of the sedan have been delivered.

Deliveries of the Nio ET5 only began on September 30, and the company did not disclose the number of deliveries that day. Today's figures mean that 221 units of the sedan were delivered on the last day of September.

Nio is well prepared for ET5 deliveries of more than 10,000 in a single month in December, with higher internal targets, William Li, the company's founder, chairman and CEO, said in a call following the company's second-quarter earnings announcement on September 7.

Launched on June 15, the Nio ES7, the company's first SUV based on the NT 2.0 platform, saw its first deliveries on August 28, with 398 units delivered in August.

Nio is hosting the Nio Berlin 2022 event on October 7, local time in Europe, where the ET7, ET5 and ES7 are expected to be launched to the local market.

NIO begins deliveries of its highly anticipated sedan, ET5