Update: president said the company sent three vessels loaded with the Nio ET7 sedans to Europe.

It appears that some Nio ET7s have already arrived in Europe and have been seen in Oslo, Norway.

Nio shared for the first time on August 22 that the first ET7 sedans are starting to be sent to Europe, and although its video shows one ship, it is actually three.

Nio's video shows the Norwegian ship owner Wallenius Wilhelmsen's Carmen vessel loaded with ET7s departing from a port in Lianyungang in eastern China's Jiangsu province.

First batch of Nio ET7 sedans leave China port for Europe-CnEVPost

(Image credit: Nio)

The image in the article on its App shows, in addition to that vessel, a Morning Laura vessel of South Korean company EUKOR also loading ET7s.

First batch of Nio ET7 sedans leave China port for Europe-CnEVPost

Peter from Nio's integrated communications department, who posted the article in the Nio App, confirmed that this is actually the case.

An Nio App user named William Gao asked the following question:

Why is the color of the ship in the third picture different? Are there two ships?

Peter said in his response that yes, the ships are in different ports, and the video was shot in Lianyungang.

He did not disclose from which city port Morning Laura departed, or the number of vehicles loaded on the ships.

At the Chengdu auto show, which opened on August 26, Nio co-founder and president Qin Lihong said in a press event that Nio sent three ships loaded with the Nio ET7 sedans to Europe.

Notably, it appears that some of the Nio ET7s have already arrived in Europe.

The Nio ET7 has already been seen in Oslo, Norway, according to information shared on Twitter earlier today by longtime Nio tracker Marcel Münch (@_mm85).


Nio shipped its first ES8 SUVs to Norway from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port on July 20 last year, and those vehicles arrived on September 23.

Nio did not reveal when these ET7s departed from China in the latest information shared, but according to shipping information site Vessel Finder, Wallenius Wilhelmsen's Carmen vessel departed from Lianyungang on August 10 and made a brief stop at the port in Singapore on August 19.

EUKOR's Morning Laura vessel departed from the port of Yantai in eastern China's Shandong province on August 10 and departed after a one-day stopover in Masan, South Korea, on August 21.

First batch of NIO ET7 sedans leave China port for Europe