These measures include a free 90-day trial of the EAP and a free in-home evaluation of the price of the old vehicle.

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has launched a campaign in China to encourage consumers to trade in their traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, although the already long waiting times currently make it less necessary to do so.

Tesla is currently offering ICE vehicle trade-in benefits to consumers who place orders between July 1 and December 31 and complete a vehicle trade-in agreement before delivery, Shanghai Securities Journal said today, citing an unnamed Tesla China source.

These benefits include:

A free 90-day trial of Enhanced Autopilot (EAP) functionality.

14-day commute guarantee after replacement.

Price protection valid for 14 days.

Free in-home evaluation of the old car.

The recent introduction of a series of policies to promote new energy vehicle (NEV) consumption in China has prompted an increasing number of interested customers to visit Tesla stores, many of whom are consumers who just qualified to buy a car this year, the Tesla China source said.

In a few first-tier cities, including Beijing, consumers need to obtain a license plate in advance if they want to register their vehicle locally. Shanghai gives free license plates to consumers who purchase NEVs.

These benefits for Tesla look just so-so as its vehicles continue to sell well in China, leaving waiting periods of several months.

The entry-level version of the Tesla Model 3 - a rear-wheel-drive slab priced at RMB 279,900 ($41,850) - currently has an expected delivery date of 16-20 weeks in China. The expected delivery date for the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Model 3 Performance is 12-16 weeks.

The entry-level Model Y, with an expected delivery date of 10-14 weeks, is currently Tesla's fastest delivery model in China, while the Model Y Long Rang and Model Y Performance have expected delivery dates of 20-24 weeks and 12-16 weeks, respectively.

Earlier today, Beijing launched a program on encouraging car replacement spending, offering subsidies of up to RMB 10,000 ($1,500) to encourage residents to purchase NEVs when they replace their vehicles during the rest of the year.

Among these benefits from Tesla, the EAP's 90-day free trial is notable.

Tesla opened the EAP feature option in China on February 5, 2021, with the upgrade priced at RMB 32,000 ($4,943), half the price of the FSD.

EAP adds functions compared to Basic Autopilot (BAP), including auto-assisted navigation driving, auto-assisted lane changing, auto-parking, and summoning.