said the L9 could be a mobile gaming space for the home, allowing the Switch console to easily connect to the car's screens.

With a new Covid outbreak causing disruptions to the new product launches of several car companies, Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI, HKG: 2015) has become the latest to postpone plans.

The Li Auto L9 launch, originally scheduled for April 16, will be delayed due to the force majeure effects of the outbreak, the company said today, adding that the exact timing will be announced when it is confirmed.

Li Auto today went ahead with its planned Wednesday announcement of more information about the new SUV, saying the model could become a mobile play space for families.

(Image credit: Li Auto)

The L9's center screen, entertainment screen in the front passenger seat and entertainment screen in the rear cabin can all be connected to Nintendo's Switch console via Type-C ports, the company said.
These Type-C ports provide 60W of charging power while making it easy to connect the console.

Based on the Switch's 3A games designed for family users, the model's cockpit can support four people playing together.

The Li Auto L9 is also equipped with a 220V power supply in the car and provides HDMI-Type-C adapter cables, allowing a large number of top-notch consoles and 3A game titles to be used in the car, the company said.

Currently, the L9 already supports HD screencasting and charging for some cell phones, tablets and laptops with Type-C ports, and will be adapted to more devices in the future, it said.

"The L9's large space, six-seat layout and supremely comfortable seating allow families to enjoy happy times in the car with the whole family at play," Li Auto said.

The model's 3K HD resolution and ultimate color reproduction OLED screen deliver the ultimate in smooth, high-definition gaming graphics, it said.

The L9's flagship audio system's 21 speakers and 7.3.4 panoramic sound layout, combined with the 4D immersive audio and video system in the second row, will provide an immersive gaming experience, the company said.

"We believe that playing games together as a family is the happy scenario every new dad dreams of," Li Auto said.

Li Auto has been releasing information about the L9's specifications on Wednesdays for several weeks, previously revealing the model's exterior, interior, audio system, smart driving system, and powertrain specifications.

The price range for the Li Auto L9 is RMB 450,000 ($70,670) - 500,000, according to the company.

Li Auto says L9 to come with its smart driving system called AD Max