L9's smart driving computing platform includes two Nvidia Orin-X processors with a total computing power of 508 Tops.

Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI, HKG: 2015) today released more information about its upcoming new SUV, including its intelligent driving system, as planned.

The L9 will come standard with the flagship Intelligent Driving System: Li Auto AD Max, the company said.

The system uses Li Auto's in-house-developed sensing, decision-making, planning and control software to guarantee system reliability and high growth, it said.

The system's AEB (Automatic emergency braking) feature is optimized for Chinese road conditions and enhances the recognition of crossing pedestrians and two-wheelers, which can effectively reduce traffic accidents, Li Auto said, adding that the company's full-stack development capabilities also enable rapid iteration of features.

Li Auto L9 uses high-performance cameras as its primary source of perception, with hardware including six 8-megapixel cameras and five 2-megapixel cameras that provide 360° perception around the body and at a distance, it said.

The combination of two 8-megapixel cameras directly in front of the vehicle enables recognition of objects including vehicles, pedestrians and cone buckets at a wide 120° range and up to 550 meters away, the company said.

Li Auto L9's forward-facing LiDAR is equipped with 128 lasers with a global resolution of 1200x128 and a point cloud count of 1.53 million per second, the most comprehensive performance of any LiDAR already in mass-produced vehicles, it said.

In scenarios where cameras are limited, including dark and bright light, LiDAR ensures the accuracy of the system's perception of the environment and helps vehicles improve recognition of stationary and shaped obstacles, the company said.

Li Auto L9's intelligent driving computing platform includes two NVIDIA Orin-X processors with a total of 508 Tops of computing power, with the dual processors serving as redundancy for each other's computing power.

The L9's power system, steering system, braking system and computing platform power supply system are also designed for redundancy to guarantee the reliability of the actuator, it said.

Li Auto L9 will enable full-scene navigation-assisted driving functions, the company said, but noted that it will be gradually turned on in cities because the functions depend on regulatory approval.

L9 has a unique intelligent driving interaction system that makes smart driving safer and more convenient, the company said.

The safe drive interactive screen and HUD will provide the most important environmental and warning information in the state where smart drive is activated.

Thanks to high-performance cameras, LiDAR and powerful image processing capabilities, the center screen will also have a richer and more accurate display of smart driving information, it said.

The L9 features a new capacitive-sensing steering wheel, fatigue and attention alert systems that ensure drivers use smart driving features correctly. The driver's seat belt provides more direct tactile feedback when necessary, according to the company.

Outside the vehicle, the L9 is equipped with five smart driving assist lights to indicate the smart driving operating status to pedestrians and other vehicles.

After the user leaves the car, the L9 uses in-car 3D ToF sensors to sense the environment inside the cockpit in real time, and an outside camera to monitor the vehicle's surroundings in real time, providing a sentry mode covering both inside and outside the car.

In addition to the intelligent driving system, Li Auto said the L9 also features a flagship safety body structure with class-leading body torsional rigidity.

The model's use of more than 80 percent high-strength and thermoformed steel allows it to achieve excellent levels of performance in even the toughest bilateral 25 percent offset crash tests, it said.

The Li Auto L9's battery pack features a dual protection design consisting of side protection beams and an aluminum alloy housing to keep the battery pack safe even in the most demanding side pillar impact and bottom bracket tests, it said.

Li Auto reiterated that the L9 will be officially launched on April 16, with a price range of RMB 450,000 ($70,750)-500,000.

The company said it will continue to announce more information next Wednesday.

Li Auto to launch L9 on April 16, boasts 0-100km/h in 5.3 seconds