Dozens of people on China's most well-known second-hand trading platform are hoping to make a buck by transferring their pre-orders for the ET7 that will allow for very early delivery.

(Image credit: CnEVPost)

While the NIO ET7 is receiving a lot of positive reviews after its test drive begins, some people are looking to make a buck with the pre-orders they have that will allow for early delivery.

As of this writing, CnEVPost has seen 30 posts on Alibaba's used goods trading platform Xianyu transferring ET7 pre-orders, with many of them offering much more than the initial pre-order deposit.

NIO launched the ET7 and began accepting pre-orders at NIO Day 2020 on the evening of January 9, 2021. Any user can simply pay an intention deposit of RMB 5,000 ($790), which can be used as RMB 10,000 when purchasing the car, to make a reservation.

In the posts on Xianyu transferring ET7 reservation orders, the highest offer was for RMB 15,000, which is three times the intention deposit.

The user said that the deposit was paid at 9 pm on the night the ET7 was unveiled and that his asking price included the RMB 5,000 already paid, as well as an additional RMB 10,000 markup.

The user has already paid a non-refundable deposit for the order, which is expected to be delivered in April, but the vehicle's configuration can still be changed.

In addition to that order, the user says he also holds a pre-order placed at 8:23 pm last January 9 that will allow him to take delivery at the end of March.

Given that the order would allow the holder to be one of the first owners to get delivery, the user asks an RMB 12,000 markup, meaning the purchaser would have to pay RMB 17,000.

Another user posted an offer of RMB 10,000 to transfer his reservation order, stating that his wife preferred the NIO ET5 and therefore wanted to transfer the order for the ET7.

The payment was made at 21:45 on January 9 last year and is expected to enable the order holder to be one of the first two batches of users to get delivery, the post said.

Two other users are asking for RMB 8,000 to transfer their reserved orders.

In addition to these high offers, some posts only showed the amount of the markup, and the RMB 5,000 they initially paid was not included.

There is also one post that is asking for RMB 1, but this is clearly a clickbait, and users need to communicate the price privately with the poster.

Consumers currently paying an intention deposit of RMB 5,000 can still use it as RMB 10,000 when paying for the car, a benefit that will end on March 28 when deliveries of the ET7 begin.

However, given NIO's limited production capacity and social media buzz showing what appears to be strong initial acceptance of the ET7, this means that those who reserve now may have to wait several months for delivery.

NIO began allowing users to test drive the ET7 on March 5, and the first participants were those who had locked in their orders, not the media.

Interestingly, in today's highly developed social media, the content posted by these users who participated in the test drive, though perhaps not beautifully produced, still attracted a high level of attention.

NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong said on March 5 that about 300 groups of users could be allowed to test drive the car this past weekend. Starting from this Monday, 300 groups of users will be allowed to test drive every day, and the capacity will reach 1,000 test drives per day in the future.

The comments posted on social media by users who have test-driven the ET7 so far have been positive, and they generally give high marks to the ET7's energy consumption, acceleration performance, suspension system and sound system.

CnEVPost as a media has received an invitation and we will go to Ningbo city, Zhejiang province on March 13 to test drive the model.