The Seal model has the currently popular all-glass roof setup on top, and the production version of the car will have a frameless design.

(Image credit: Xchuxing)

BYD re-planned its product matrix last year and will concentrate on the Dynasty series, the Ocean series and its future premium brand. After letting the first model of the Ocean series, the Dolphin, go on sale at the end of August, a new model of the series has been revealed.

Local auto site Xchuxing today published several spy photos of what it says is a BYD Seal model, saying it is the second model in its Ocean series.

The model features the currently popular all-glass roof setup, and it's unclear if it will have a sunshade, according to Xchuxing.

These spy shots show the model still appears to have bezeled doors, though the report said its production version will have bezel-less doors.

Its seats feature a sporty design with headrests somewhat similar to the Song PLUS's design, according to the report.

(Image credit: Xchuxing)

According to previous information, the car has an all-electric range of 700 km and supports the 800V high-voltage platform. It will be available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, and will be equipped with a higher energy density blade battery, the report said.

BYD unveiled the e platform 3.0 on April 19, 2021, a platform designed for the next generation of high-performance smart EVs.

The platform is aimed to solve problems including long charging times, short range and shrinking winter range of EVs.

BYD announced on August 13 that the Dolphin, the first model of the platform, officially opened for pre-sale with a price range of RMB 96,800 ($15,000) - RMB 124,800 after subsidies.

The Dolphin is also the first model in BYD's Ocean lineup, using the ocean aesthetic design concept for the first time, and the first model with BYD's new logo.

On September 8, BYD unveiled Ocean X, a concept car based on the e platform 3.0. BYD Chairman and President Wang Chuanfu said at the time the platform is the most critical layout for BYD to move from electrification to intelligence.

On November 19, BYD divided its original automotive business into two business units - Dynasty business unit and the Ocean network business unit.

The Ocean network includes two product sequences, pure electric products named after marine creatures and based on the e platform 3.0, and a hybrid product series with DM-i super hybrid technology named after warships.

In the warship series, sedans will be named the "Destroyer" series, SUVs the "Cruiser" series, and MPVs the "Landing Ship" series.

These moves set the stage for BYD to further expand sales, with the company saying in December that its 2022 NEV sales target would be roughly 1.1-1.2 million units, with 600,000 BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and 500,000-600,000 PHEVs (plug-in hybrids).

For the marine series products, BYD applied for registration of the trademark "Dolphin" at the end of 2020, and it is also applying for the trademark "Whale", "Sailfish" and "Shark". In addition, BYD is also applying for the trademarks of "Whale", "Sailfish", "Shark", "Seagull" and "Seal" series.

BYD sold 93,945 NEVs in December, up 225.7 percent year-on-year and up 3 percent from 91,219 units in November, the company said in an announcement filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange yesterday.