BYD Seal

BYD launches Seal EV in Japan, its 3rd model there

The Seal EV starts at about the same price as the Tesla Model 3 in Japan, BYD's highest price there.

BYD Seal 06 reportedly to be 1st model with next-gen DM-i tech with over 2,000 km range

The BYD Seal 06 will have a combined range of over 2,000 kilometers and may consume less than 3 L per 100 kilometers at low charge, according to local media.

BYD launches updated Seal EV with 5% lower starting price

The BYD Seal lineup includes the all-electric Seal EV and the hybrid Seal DM-i, the latter of which has received an update on February 29.

BYD launches Seal, Song Plus and Qin Plus in UAE

BYD has previously offered two BEVs, the Han and Atto 3, in the UAE, and the Song Plus and Qin Plus mark the first time it has offered PHEVs there.

BYD launches electric sedan Seal in Nepal

Seal is the third EV model launched by BYD in Nepal after Atto 3 and Dolphin.

BYD continues to offer limited-time discounts on some models

Customers who buy the Frigate 07 between January 1 and January 31 will get a discount of RMB 18,000, which is up to RMB 7,000 for the Seal series.

BYD launches Dolphin, Seal and Atto 3 in Hungary

BYD has entered 19 European countries since announcing its entry into the European passenger car market at the Paris auto show in 2022.

BYD launches Dolphin and Seal in Finland

The Dolphin and Seal will be available immediately at BYD stores, while the Atto 3, Han, and Tang have previously been available to Finnish customers.

BYD launches Seal electric sedan in Singapore and Chile

BYD sold a record 28,039 NEVs in overseas markets in September, up 12.05 percent from August.

BYD launches Seal in Colombia, Dolphin in Nepal

In August, BYD sold 25,023 NEVs in overseas markets, up 37.72 percent from 18,169 in July.