"Right now, we're scouring Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands for suitable locations to establish our NIO Power Swap stations," NIO said.

NIO invites overseas landowners to become partners in building swap stations-CnEVPost

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Determined to replicate its suite of operations in China abroad, NIO is making a bigger push in that effort after beginning the construction of its signature battery swap stations in Norway.

NIO began inviting overseas landowners to become its partners in building battery swap stations, trying to bring its proven success in China to the international market.

The company has already built 700 battery swap stations in China and, in the next few years, it aims to build a network across Europe, NIO said in a post on Wednesday.

"Right now, we're scouring Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands for suitable locations to establish our NIO Power Swap stations," NIO said, adding, " We've already begun to build stations in Norway, and by the end of 2022, we will have established twenty Power Swap stations."

NIO would like to be contacted by those who have spaces suitable for battery swap stations, with suitable sites including:

Highway intersections


Charging stations

Gas stations

Shopping centers

"NIO is a one-of-a-kind company with a unique philosophy and goal. We aim to bring blue skies across the globe by providing technological solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing humanity," it said.

"To achieve this goal, we've brought together some of the best and brightest people from across the globe. Now, we'd like to invite you to join us on our journey towards the Blue Sky," it added.

NIO's move continues its approach in China, where it has partnered not only with giants including Sinopec and CNPC, which have a large number of sites suitable for battery swap station construction, but also with as many other partners as possible.

At the NIO Day 2021 event on December 18, William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, unveiled the company's plans for global expansion, saying NIO will enter Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark next year.

NIO's goal is to serve users in more than 25 countries and regions worldwide by 2025, Li said.

In a December 19 interview with English-language media, including CnEVPost, Li revealed his thoughts on NIO's expansion in the global market:

If NIO wants to enter a market, it will consider in advance how to ensure a good user experience.

We can't let users not get good service for a long time, and we will care whether we have the ability to provide users with a convenient experience like a fuel car.

This is a very basic starting point for us. If we think we can't do it, we would rather not enter this market, or if we can't do it in the short term, we would rather wait.

Li said that NIO has proven its energy replenishment efficiency in China is sufficient. "We have done it in a country as big as China, so there is no reason why we can't do it in Europe or in the United States."

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