Motors' Voyager X2 flying car, released in the middle of last month, is currently being tested in extreme environments at high altitudes in Xining and Yushu, Northwest China's Qinghai province, the company said Sunday.

XPeng Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng announced on July 16 via Weibo that XPeng Huitian, the company's electric flying car company, released the X2, its fifth-generation flying car and its first two-person electric flying car.

XPeng exhibited the flying car at the Chengdu Auto Show on August 29 and said the X2 underwent several internal flight tests at flight bases in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Jiangmen in early June this year.

The company used a closed cockpit for the first time on the X2, whose appearance shares design genes with the XPeng P7 sedan, according to the company.

The X2's full fuselage is made of carbon fiber construction, weighs 395 kg including the battery, and can carry two passengers with a maximum load of 200 kg.

Currently, X2 provides two driving modes, manual and autopilot, of which the autopilot function can achieve automatic flight according to the set flight altitude, flight speed and flight time along the planned route, the company said.

The X2 has a range of up to 35 minutes and is designed to fly at altitudes of under 1,000 meters, with a maximum flight speed of 130 kilometers per hour during flight.

At the Shanghai Auto Show in April, XPeng unveiled the Voyager X1, a fourth-generation intelligent electric manned vehicle that is the size of an ordinary car and can take off and land vertically in a parking space.

XPeng unveils X2, its fifth-generation flying car

(Photo source: XPeng)