(Source: CnEVPost)

The Huawei Smart Car team aims to make passenger cars truly driverless by 2025, Wang Jun, president of Chinese tech giant Smart Car Solutions BU, said at the 13th China Auto Bluebook Forum on June 10.

"We have a goal in developing autonomous driving systems to truly make passenger cars driverless. Only driverless is a disruptive technology," Wang said.

Wang said Huawei's goal is to change the car through a disruptive technology like smart driving and finally make it a mobile smart space.

After smart driving disrupts the automotive industry, the biggest change is the smart cockpit. The core of the intelligent cabin is the application, and the most important point of the application is the ecology, Wang said.

The core of HarmonyOS is an ecological system, it must not be fragmented. Whether a strong mobile intelligent space ecology can be formed in China in the next ten years depends on the united efforts of the whole industry, Wang said.

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