(Graphic by CnEVPost)

Chinese electric car startup Leapmotor delivered 3,195 units in May, up 1,226 percent from a year ago and 15 percent from April, according to data released Tuesday by the company.

The company had 3,775 units on order in May, up 4.5 percent from April. It has accumulated orders for 17,408 units this year.

For comparison, delivered 6,711 vehicles in May, up 95.3 percent from a year ago but down 5.5 percent from April.

Motors delivered 5,686 units in May, up 483 percent from a year ago and 10.47 percent from April.

Data released on May 17 showed that Leapmotor vehicles had 2,940 insurance registrations in April, ranking fourth among China's new car makers.

The company's T03 model had 2,876 insurance registrations in April.

On Jan. 27, Leapmotor announced the completion of a 4.3-billion-yuan Series B financing round, which will support its investment in product development, channel layout and brand promotion.