Chinese electric vehicle startup Enovate Motors could launch the Enovate ME5, the company's second SUV, in April, reported Tuesday.

The Enovate ME5's appearance and other relevant information were recently posted on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China's website.

The Enovate ME5 is a compact SUV with dimensions of 4580/1915/1635mm and a wheelbase of 2750mm and is available in both electric and extended-range versions.

The electric version uses a ternary lithium battery system with a peak motor power of 150kW; the extended-range version has a 1.5L engine and 150kW motor with a 30kWh battery capacity and an electric range of 150km.

Various options for model configuration include an unmovable moonroof, radar, ETC onboard device, and different size wheels.

Photos of the Enovate ME5 undergoing ice and snow testing in Yakeshi circulated on the internet a short while ago, indicating that the model is undergoing pre-market preparations.

Chinese electric car startup Enovate Motors could release its second SUV in April-CnEVPost