Despite several broken axles last year that raised safety questions about 's only model, the Li ONE is one of the safest vehicles you can buy, according to the latest results of a prestigious crash test.

In a crash test report released today by the China Insurance Research Institute of Automobile Technology (CIRI), the Li ONE scored a G in occupant safety, pedestrian safety, and vehicle assist safety, which is the highest score in the agency's evaluation criteria.

In the crashworthiness and economy of maintenance index, the Li ONE scored an M, two notches below the G.

Li ONE becomes best-selling new energy SUV in China in 2020

CIRI was initially established by the Insurance Association of China in March 2015 and holds the position of the only "not for profit" insurers funded organization in China. CIRI's duty and responsibility are to serve the CIRI's duty and responsibility are to serve the insurance industry and the social affairs, according to its website.

The Li ONE scored a G in the 25% Offset Crash Evaluation, the Side Impact Evaluation, the Roof Strength Evaluation, and the Seat/Head Restraint Test Evaluation, demonstrating the strength of the Li ONE's high-strength steel/aluminum hybrid body design.

The Li ONE scored a G in the Exterior Pedestrian Safety Index, which evaluates the injury value to exterior pedestrians in the event of a crash, placing it in the best category among the models tested.

The Crashworthiness and Economy of Repair Index evaluates the economy of repair of the vehicle after a low-speed crash. As a luxury mid-size SUV positioned for family use, the Li ONE also scored an M in this test, scoring lower than the other safety categories.

The EC6 scored G in the "Occupant Safety Index", "Pedestrian Safety Index" and "Vehicle Assist Safety Index" in the same test.

The Nio EC6 scored a perfect score in the frontal 25% offset crash and side-impact, and an A in the "crashworthiness and economy of repair index", the grade below G.

Li Auto currently has only one model under its umbrella, the Li ONE, which had 32,624 deliveries in 2020.

Deliveries of the Li ONE reached 6,126 units in December, an increase of 31.9% compared to November.

Li Auto's second model, possibly codenamed X01, expected to be delivered next year