BYD's 20,000th Han EV rolls off assembly line-CnEVPost

BYD's 20,000th Han EV recently rolled off the production line at its Shenzhen plant, four months after the model's delivery began in July.

BYD said the model's monthly production capacity will soon exceed 10,000 units, meaning it is out of capacity hell and deliveries are expected to go higher in the future.

Sales of the Han EV and DM versions reached 7,545 units in October 2020, the third consecutive month of higher sales since its launch in July.

As of October 2020, total sales of Han EV and DM have reached 18,362 units.

It's worth mentioning that the low delivery volume has a lot to do with the vehicle's capacity shortage, but recently BYD's Vice President and COO of Passenger Car Group He Zhiqi said "Han EV's monthly production capacity will soon exceed 10,000", meaning the capacity problem will be alleviated.

Han EV is equipped with BYD's blade battery, with an NEDC range up to 605km, 0-100km acceleration time of 3.9 seconds at the shortest.

The car has also been in the top five of China's new energy vehicle sales charts in August and September of 2020.

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