BYD May sales breakdown: Han at 23,934 units, Dolphin at 6,430
BYD's Han DM series sold 11,250 units in May, while Han EV was 12,684 units.
BYD April sales breakdown: Han family at 13,421 units, Dolphin at 12,040
Despite the impact of the Covid outbreak on China's auto supply chain, BYD's sales rose across the board in April for all family models.
BYD sees 200,000th vehicle of its flagship Han sedan roll off line
The BYD Han is the first locally-branded sedan priced above 200,000 yuan ($30,300) to reach that milestone.
BYD brings its flagship sedan, Han EV, to Brazil
By the end of this year, BYD Brazil expects to work with its dealers to reach 45 major cities in Brazil with its all-electric passenger car business.
BYD Han's new variants get 48,136 orders 6 hours after official launch
BYD officially launched the Han DM-i, Han DM-p, Han EV Founding Edition and Han EV Green Edition on Sunday.
BYD officially launches new variants of Han sedan, prices start at around $33,900
BYD expects to sell more than 30,000 units of the Han series in a single month, a previous meeting minutes show.
BYD unveils Han EV variant with shiny green color
It's green from the inside out.
BYD Han family sells 12,359 units in March, Dolphin at 10,501
The BYD Song family sold 26,729 units in March, and the Qin family 24,797 units.
BYD says new Han variants get 12,098 orders in 10 hours of pre-sale
Two new variants of the Han DM - Han DM-i and Han DM-p - received 12,098 orders in 10 hours after opening for pre-sale, BYD said.
BYD's flagship sedan Han family's two new models start pre-sale
The Han DM-i and Han DM-p are officially available for pre-sale today, with a price range of RMB 216,800 - 322,800.