BYD will unveil the Qin Plus, which the company is calling a "fuel sedan disruptor," at the 18th Guangzhou Auto Show on November 20.

The Qin series is BYD's classic best-seller, with a total of five models on sale, three of which are new energy models.

BYD to launch 'fuel sedan disruptor' on November 20-CnEVPost

BYD says that the Qin Plus, a new A+ class car, continues the Qin series style with the popular through-tail lights.

While BYD hasn't announced specific specs, based on previous information, the new car is likely to feature DM-i Super Hybrid technology, powered for the first time by the previously disclosed "Xiaoyun - Plug-in Hybrid Dedicated 1.5L Efficient Engine".

The 1.5L engine features an ultra-high compression ratio of 15.5, a high thermal efficiency of 43%, and a peak output of 81kW.

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