The DiLink 3.0 system will feature a new UI that blends classic art with modern technology elements.

BYD DiLink 3.0's intelligent voice icon, "Xiao Di", can display different dynamic effects during normal, primary and secondary driver recognition, broadcast information and music playback.

The three apps on the first screen interface add dimensional effects, while the backgrounds are more fluid and deeper.

In addition, BYD DiLink 3.0 can create weather effects on the UI to show the weather conditions of the city where the vehicle is located in real time. BYD DiLink is also working with UI China to create up to 40 custom themes for the new UI.

According to BYD, DiLink is a service ecosystem of technology + content developed independently by BYD based on smart hardware, in-vehicle network, cloud communication, information fusion, AI, big data and other technologies and user insights.

Late last year, BYD DiLink teamed up with Wallet to launch the mobile NFC car key, with the Song Pro model taking the lead.