Today released photos of the BYD Han EV in real-life, indicating that it's getting closer to the launch of the new car.

The HiCar system, which is 's overall smart car solution, is in the final stages of commissioning and the supporting models are expected to be brought to market this year.

The new BYD Han model will debut with the Blade Battery, along with the following data.

1, the elk test results 80km/h+ is still very stable.

2、10 minutes charge range 135km, the fastest charge; 25 minutes charge 30% to 80%, real range over 600km, carrying the latest intelligent temperature control system low temperature performance is also very good.

3、100km braking distance 32.8m, world first.

4. Energy recovery mileage is nearly 35%, meaning Han EV can drive up to 700+km.

5、Sport suit with carbon fiber.

6、The wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is 0.233, the top three in the world.

7, Rear passenger space is very comfortable, S-class luxury enjoyment.

8、Used the most high-strength steel, one-piece safety cage structure

The Han EV is available in single-motor and twin-motor versions, the former with a maximum power of 222 hp and a maximum torque of 330N-m, and will be available in 506km/550km and 605km range.

On March 29, BYD held the Blade Battery Super Launch. BYD has officially launched the Blade Battery and confirmed that the new BYD Han will debut with the Blade Battery.

In addition to safety, the Blade Battery also has high voltage discharge capability, providing more powerful power output and acceleration for pure electric vehicles.

The BYD Han EV to be released in mid-2020, for example, accelerates from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds with the world's first mass-produced high-performance silicon carbide MOSFET motor control module and has a range of 605km.