has launch its first pure electric vehicle with a blade battery, the Han EV, in Europe with an estimated price range of 45,000-55,000 euros.

The BYD Han EV is already equipped with the blade battery in mass production and BYD's upcoming DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system, and is also the first new energy vehicle in China to be equipped with the IPB intelligent integrated braking system.

BYD says the Han EV is officially equipped with the BLADE BATTERY in production status and BYD's soon-to-be-released DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system.

The blade battery offers high safety, long range and long life, with NEDC (New European Cycle Test) range of up to 605 km and a multi-fold increase in safety compared to pure electric vehicles using traditional Li-ion battery packages.

DiPilot is an intelligent driver assistance system based on industry-leading automatic driving assistance functions, incorporating BYD's unique algorithmic advantages and self-learning and self-evolving features. With the support of hardware configuration and 5G technology, the traditional "stand-alone" automatic driving assist function is turned into "network" intelligent driving on Han EV.

In terms of performance, the BYDHC's blade battery is capable of outputting a stable 800 amps of high current, and the silicon carbide motor control module increases the overcurrent capacity of the electric control system by 58%, which makes the BYDHC EV 0-100 km acceleration time only 3.9 seconds.

At the end of June this year, Han will be released in China.