After surpassed in global new energy vehicle sales last year, Tesla is currently taking the position of China's new energy vehicle production champion from BYD.

Recently, data released by the Research Department of the China Power Battery Application Branch showed that the output of new energy vehicles in the domestic market in February this year was about 11,900, a year-on-year decrease of 77.4%.

Among them, the installed capacity of power batteries in new energy passenger cars is 523MWh, which is a significant decrease compared with the same period last year.

Although from the perspective of auto companies, the total output of the top ten auto companies still accounts for nearly 90% of the new energy passenger car output this month, but except Tesla and BYD, the monthly output of other top ten auto companies is even insufficient 1000 cars.

Among them, Tesla's Shanghai plant produced 3,898 vehicles in February, accounting for over 30% of its share, ranking first in China's new energy vehicle production list, and causing changes in the power battery market.

Among the domestic new energy vehicles 'total installed power battery capacity of 523MWh from January to February this year, Panasonic and LG Chem surpassed BYD, which ranked second in the same period last year, ranking second with installed capacity of 123.95MWh and 80.76MWh, respectively. Compared with the third place, there was a slight increase year-on-year.

Except that Panasonic has 0.21MWh of installed capacity from FAW Toyota, the rest of Panasonic's installed capacity and all of LG Chem's installed capacity come from Tesla.

Contemporary Amperex Technology (), China's largest automotive lithium-ion battery maker, although still ranked first with an installed capacity of 257.9MWh, compared with 1024.8MWh in the same period last year, a year-on-year decrease of 74.8%.

Not only the domestic installed capacity, but also the global market for power battery installed capacity is also affected by the epidemic and Tesla.

According to the latest research data from the power battery market research organization SNEResearch, in January this year, the installed capacity of China's local power battery giants CATL and BYD showed a significant decline, while Panasonic and Korean power battery companies (LG Chemical, Samsung SDI (SKInnovation), the market share has increased significantly.

Among them, Panasonic regained the number one position in global power battery shipments from the CATL.

In addition, LG Chemical's January shipments also increased by 137.4% year-on-year, entering the top three of global shipments, and these companies are also Tesla's main power battery suppliers.

Regarding the above market trends, SNEResearch CEO Kim Gwang-ju believes that the shipments of Chinese power battery companies have fallen significantly, which is closely related to the decline in car sales due to the epidemic in China's domestic market, while Panasonic's rapid growth, It is estimated based on Tesla's January shipments.


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