At present in the domestic pure electric car market, Model 3 leads the domestic manufacturers with absolute strength. However, with the continuous efforts of domestic manufacturers in the electric vehicle industry, this situation will soon usher in change.

A few days ago, released more preheating official maps of the Han EV. The new car uses a four-door coupe design and the overall shape is smooth.

In addition to its outstanding performance in terms of power performance, Han EV also performs very well in the design.

Earlier, BYD official sources said that the Han EV will be available for sale in the third quarter of this year. However, a few days ago, General Manager Zhao Changjiang of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd. revealed that the new car will be listed in the second quarter of this year, and the scale delivery will begin in July, which is earlier than the originally planned third quarter.

The front face of the new car uses the same design language as the previous concept car E-SEED GT. It is officially called the evolved "EV Dragon Face". The front face is penetrated by thick and thick chrome trim, which makes the new car appear extremely extreme. Strong sense of power.

It is worth mentioning that the new car also uses the concealed door handle popular in current electric models. This is also the first time it appears on BYD's production cars, showing a good high-end technological texture.

In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, height of 4980/1910/1495 mm and a wheelbase of 2920 mm. It is positioned for mid-size cars. The actual size data is close to that of mid-size cars.

It is foreseeable that after the new car is launched, it will have a strong competitiveness in terms of body size and interior space.

According to the previous information submitted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it can be found that Han EV will launch two models of "two-wheel drive version" and "four-wheel drive version".

Both models are equipped with BYD's latest super lithium iron phosphate battery, also known as the "blade battery", and both have an energy density of 140 Wh/kg.

The power part can be regarded as a big highlight of the new car. The four-wheel drive version is equipped with a four-wheel drive system composed of dual permanent magnet synchronous motors on the front and rear.

Its 0-100km/h acceleration time only takes 3.9s, which is the fastest in the history of BYD cars.

The four-wheel drive version of the Han EV has a NEDC operating range of 550 km. The two-wheel drive version uses front-wheel drive and has a range of 605 km.