At the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, Byton, a Chinese electric-vehicle startup, unveiled its first mass-produced model, the Byton M-Byte, and it finally has a timetable for hitting the market.

Chinese EV startup Byton's first car will be available in Europe in 2021-CnEVPost

Byton recently announced information that M-Byte is expected to be listed in Europe by the end of 2021. The first batch of landing countries are Switzerland, Germany, Norway, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

The biggest highlight of this car is that it is equipped with a 48-inch central control screen, which is nicknamed "walking TV" by some people.

The resolution of the display is 3840 * 720, which supports split-screen display, including meter information, entertainment media, real-time navigation, etc., and even supports gesture operations.

It is worth mentioning that the small 7-inch screen located in the middle of the steering wheel is equivalent to the "remote control" of the 48-inch central control screen. It is fixed in the center of the steering wheel with the airbag below and does not rotate with the steering wheel.

As a pure electric mid-size SUV, its length and width reach 4875/2195/1665mm, and the wheelbase is 2950mm.

The Byton M-Byte rear-drive model is equipped with a 72/95 kWh battery pack and NEDC cruising range is 430/550km respectively; the four-wheel-drive model is equipped with a 95 kWh battery pack and NEDC cruising range is 505km, which breaks the hundred in 5.5 seconds.

Dai Lei, CEO of Byton, said that as part of its globalization strategy, Byton is actively promoting mass production and preparing for the Chinese market, while also steadily advancing the layout of overseas markets.

At present, the European electric vehicle market has entered a period of accelerated growth, and Byton is confident of being recognized by European consumers.

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