Deutsche Bank explains NIO's relationship with Weineng, which was put in spotlight by short report
Edison Yu's team explains perfectly what Weineng is, why it was formed and how it relates to NIO.
NIO's battery asset operator raises about $95 million through ABS offering in China
The move comes after Mirattery secured tens of millions of dollars in financing through an ABN offering in April, marking the establishment of its direct access to financing in the exchange and interbank markets.
NIO's battery asset operator raises $62.62 million through ABN offering
This allows Mirattery to establish a direct financing channel in the Chinese interbank market, providing a boost to the further development of its BaaS service system, it said.
NIO's battery asset operator begins construction of its technology institute
The first phase of the institute will be over 8,000 square meters in size and is expected to be completed and operational this year.
NIO's battery asset operator exceeds 4 GWh under management
Founded on August 18, 2020, Mirattery now has 100 times the asset size of 0.04 GWh as of September 2020.
NIO's battery asset operator to establish $15.5 million research institute
The institute aims to build a power battery recycling system and conduct research related to battery materials.
NIO to become largest shareholder in its battery asset management JV
NIO will become the largest shareholder of Weineng, accounting for 19.84 percent of the registered capital.
NIO's battery rental service BaaS called world-changing idea in new ranking
For NIO, the battery rental service BaaS (Battery-as-a-Service) was a major gamble on its fate. Now, as the model achieves initial success, it is becoming increasingly recognized.
Wuhan Weineng, NIO's battery asset management joint venture, receives capital increase
Four months after its establishment, Wuhan Weineng, NIO's battery asset management joint venture has received its first capital increase.
State media praises NIO-led battery swap model in two articles on same day
In its November 13 issue, the Economic Information Daily, a subsidiary of China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency, devoted a rare two-part article to the same topic, praising the NIO-led battery swap model as the trend of the future.