Mirattery has contracted with several companies, including JAC's Sehol brand and Geely-backed Soland Technology, to provide technical services or build joint labs.

(Image credit: Mirattery)

Mirattery, or Wuhan Weineng, is the operator of the batteries used in 's (NYSE: NIO, HKG: 9866, SGX: Nio) BaaS business. As a separate entity, it does not provide services solely to the electric vehicle (EV) maker.

Mirattery held a meeting today in Wuhan, Hubei, where it is headquartered, and signed up several companies including JAC's Sehol brand and Geely-backed Soland Technology, according to a press release issued by the company.

This is another milestone in the evolution of Mirattery's BaaS (battery as a service) service, which will provide these partners with solutions that include battery asset management, data intelligence management, and resource recycling.

It is worth noting that Nio's battery swap stations are currently only available for the EV maker's vehicles, and Mirattery has not yet begun managing battery assets for other EV companies.

A few days before Nio Day 2021 on December 18 last year, there were rumors on Weibo that , , and Jidu would join Nio's battery swap system. In an interview on December 19, William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of Nio, was asked about the rumor by CnEVPost, and he denied it.

Back to Mirattery, in the company's partnership with Sehol, it will provide a cloud-based management solution for batteries. The partnership marks the opening of more new scenarios for Mirattery's BaaS services, it said.

In Mirattery's partnership with Soland, the two companies will work together on green energy, battery asset holding, battery full-cycle management technology and commercial vehicle battery swap replenishment service operations management, according to its press release.

Mirattery has also entered into strategic partnerships with Dinghe Insurance and China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC) to create joint research labs.

Mirattery was founded on August 18, 2020, as a joint venture between , Nio, Guotai Junan and Hubei Science Technology Investment.

In August 2020, Nio launched its BaaS battery rental business and Mirattery is the manager of these battery assets for rental purposes.

At the Nio Power Day event on July 6, Nio said its battery swap stations have stored 8,961 batteries to date, including 3,821 long-range batteries as well as 5,140 standard-range batteries.