China Tech

China begins using air compression to store energy and generate electricity during peak hours
The system can generate up to 40,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day, which is equivalent to the usage of 3,000 households in a day.
New materials developed by Chinese team promises to dramatically reduce cost of fuel cells
In achieving the same level of fuel cell performance, the team uses only one-tenth of the expensive platinum.
Dongfeng's premium EV brand Voyah unveils two battery safety technologies
Voyah unveiled battery packaging technologies it calls "Amber" and "Mica" that it claims are far safer than its peers.
New device from China's State Grid enables EVs to feed power to public grid
"EVs are like giant sponges that can store electricity."
GAC Aion unveils super-fast charging technology that can go from 0 to 80% in 8 minutes
On the company's A480 supercharger, vehicles can be charged at a high rate of 6C, adding 200 kilometers of range in five minutes and charging from 0 to 80 percent in eight minutes.
Chinese university research promises fuel cells with cycle life tens of times that of ordinary power cells
On April 30, NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the USTC to cooperate in technology research and talent training.
Chinese firm unveils in-vehicle wireless charging solution with 10 times output power of Tesla Model 3
NuVolta Technologies on Wednesday announced the NVTREF8040Q, an in-vehicle wireless charging solution that can deliver up to 50W of power.
Tesla, NIO supplier CATL to unveil sodium-ion batteries on July 29
Analysts said that in an era of energy change, sodium-ion batteries are expected to gain adoption at an accelerated pace due to their clear advantages in terms of resource quantity and cost.
Chinese power battery supplier Svolt announces mass production of its cobalt-free batteries
As the price of cobalt continues to rise, power battery makers around the world are trying to get rid of the metal. Now, a Chinese company has done just that.
Chinese firm aims for its technology to enable L3 autonomous driving for heavy trucks this year
Autonomous driving service provider Hong Jing Drive recently said it aims to drive mass production of L3 smart heavy trucks this year and its ADAS system is expected to be used in a million mass-production vehicles by 2022-2023.