BAIC sells 3,597 NEVs in June, up 58% from May
From January to June, BJEV sold 17,010 units, up 144.43 percent from 6,959 units in the same period last year.
BAIC sells 2,276 NEVs in May, up 13% from April
From January to May, BJEV sales were 13,413 units, just slightly higher than Li Auto's sales in one month.
BAIC sells 2,017 NEVs in April, down 65% from March
BJEV produced 220 units in April, up 45.7 percent from 151 units in the same month last year.
First model with 'Huawei Inside' officially launched in China
The biggest highlight of the Arcfox α-S with "Huawei Inside" is its autonomous driving capability.
BAIC sells 5,735 NEVs in March, up 439% year-on-year
BJEV sold 5,735 units in March, up 24.8 percent from 1,012 units in the same month last year and up 354 percent from 1,263 units in February.
BAIC sells 1,263 NEVs in Feb, up 25% year-on-year
BJEV produced 653 units in February, up 83.6 percent from 323 units in the same month last year. In the first two months, the company produced 1,684 units.
BAIC sold 4,198 NEVs in Dec, up 305% year-on-year
For the full year of 2021, BJEV sold 26,127 units, up 0.82 percent from 25,914 units in 2020.
BAIC BluePark says it has completed development of 2nd-gen solid-state battery cells
BAIC BluePark says its planned third-generation solid-state battery technology will be used in a new Arcfox-branded model with a cell energy density of 360Wh/kg.
BAIC sold 2,471 NEVs in Nov, up 41% year-on-year
BAIC BluePark is now pinning its hopes for a turnaround on the Arcfox α-S model under its Arcfox brand.
BAIC sold 2,484 NEVs in Oct, up 22% year-on-year
From January to October, BJEV sales were 19,458 units, down about 16 percent from a year ago.