Jidu's first production vehicle will be SUV to compete with Tesla Model Y
Jidu's first production model is positioned as a mid-size SUV that will be a generation ahead of Tesla in terms of intelligence, according to its CEO.
Jidu unveils ROBO-01, a robot car concept with futuristic design
Jidu unveiled the ROBO-01 in Baidu's metauniverse platform XiRang, featuring ultra-high specs and a futuristic design.
Jidu teases interior design of its robot car concept
The Jidu ROBO-01 concept car will have a uniquely shaped steering wheel, an ultra-wide display, and a very high-tech cockpit, the latest set of posters shows.
Jidu targets family passenger car market with prices around RMB 200,000
In China, cars priced around RMB 200,000 are seen as offering the best balance of affordability and specifications.
Jidu's robot car completes design, enters production preparation stage
To make the futuristic design ready for mass production, Jidu's engineering team solved a number of technical challenges for the molding process, its CEO said.
Jidu to unveil robot car concept on June 8
Jidu said its robot car design is inspired by spaceships, with advanced self-driving capabilities and an ultra-intelligent cockpit.
Jidu sets robot car concept unveiling for June, teases dual LiDAR solution
Unlike other automakers currently using one autonomous driving solution, Jidu is developing two separate systems, pure vision and LiDAR, that serve as backups for each other.
Jidu has begun development of more models, says CEO
Jidu has already begun development on subsequent models including the second and third, which will be unveiled as early as this year's Guangzhou Auto Show, the company's CEO said.
Jidu CEO says swap stations will dominate EV power-up system
In Jidu's CEO's opinion, battery swap stations will overtake superchargers and home chargers as the primary means of replenishing energy when EVs become mainstream.
Jidu to unveil its robot car concept on April 18, three days ahead of Beijing Auto Show
Jidu will hold its first JIDU ROBODay event and unveil its robot car concept on April 18, three days ahead of the Beijing Auto Show, which will be held from April 21 to April 30.