Geely becomes first automaker to implement OTA upgrades for gasoline vehicles
Geely said that all customers who purchase the car before December 31 will be able to enjoy free OTA upgrades for one year.
Geely becomes first Chinese brand to sell more than 10 million vehicles in total
Geely Group recently announced that the company became the first Chinese brand to achieve 10 million passenger car sales after first entering the auto industry in 1997.
Geely cuts EV battery swap time to 90 seconds, what does that mean?
On October 18, Geely Technology Group signed a contract with the local government in Jinan to start the operation of the battery swap station in the city and launch the battery swap station which takes only 90 seconds for a car to complete the process.
Geely unveils SEA architecture for EVs and new concept car with range of over 700 km
Geely Automobile Group on September 23 announced the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) for pure electric vehicles. At the same time, the Lynk&Co ZERO concept, the first all-electric luxury coupe based on this architecture, made its public debut, and it will go on sale in mass production in 2021.
Geely unveils battery swap station in major endorsement of NIO-led technology route
As a major endorsement of the NIO-led battery swap model, Geely Technology Group announced its battery swap model for the first time at a press conference in Chongqing today, and plans to complete construction of 35 battery swap stations in the city this year.
Geely's high-end electric car brand Polestar plans to launch Model 3 competitor
Geely's high-end electric car maker Polestar plans to expand its stores in the country while preparing to launch a model to compete with Tesla's domestic Model 3, according to Reuters.
Geely gives potential customers a car purchase voucher of 1000 yuan each
In order to promote consumption in the automobile market, local governments and car enterprises have also introduced corresponding subsidy policies and concessionary activities. In response, Geely has been equally positive.
Chinese automaker Geely rewards customers with stocks for buying its cars
Chinese automaker Geely recently released two pure electric models, the Emgrand GSe and Emgrand EV, which sells only to Beijing consumers, and owners who buy them can get stock incentives.
Chinese automaker Geely is hiring rocket chief engineer
Chinese automaker Geely is involved in many fields, including satellites, aviation equipment, etc., and the latest news shows that Geely is about to enter the "rocket" field.
Geely, China's largest domestic car maker, saw sales down 75% in Feb
The lower sales were mainly due to the disruption caused by the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 in China, the company explained.