Rafi Khan

Rafi is an NIO stock investor and he sometimes shares his thoughts here. His articles do not represent the views of CnEVPost.
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Shanghai will no longer offer free license plates to PHEVs in 2023, what does this mean for Nio?

These factors suggest spectacular explosive growth for 2023 Nio Shanghai sales. ...

ICE vs BEV vs PHEV -- Shanghai points way forward for China

Where Shanghai goes, the rest of China follows. ...

An Nio investor's take on William Li's speech: You need to read these 'Not Enoughs'

To all of those “Not Enough” sections, Nio is far ahead of all competition but still rated “Not Enough” by William Li. ...

Premium luxury space: Tell me where Nio's competition comes from

Major headwinds to the competition faced by traditional luxury automakers as Nio master plans to dominate the premium luxury segment. ...

Nio Q3 earnings: An investor's take

Nio 5 new product offerings in 1H 2023 will be golden & life-threatening to numerous competitors with barely a competitive premium luxury product in sight. ...

ET5 frenzy: Why is this happening, and what does it mean for Nio?

ET5 potentially obliterates competition in the mid-size premium luxury segment ruled for decades by BMW and others and more recently Tesla. ...

Grizzly Research attack highlights shorts panic and Nio potential for industry high profit margins

"My only disappointment is the poor quality of the false bear narrative. Surely shorts could have done a better job in frightening weak Nio holders." ...

Will June be the start of problem-free months for Nio?

For 3 years what could have gone wrong, went wrong – now we come to June  2022. ...

Covid skirmish ending? Key battles determining Nio share price loom

Nio is uniquely placed having both technology & premium luxury status. ...

Batteries, autonomy, computing, infotainment -- Nio claims for pre-eminence legitimate

Only ramp up of production courtesy of NeoPark will be final hurdle for direct comparisons of market cap Nio Vs TSLA. ...