officially launched the updated Zeekr 001 on February 27, leaving the starting price unchanged from its predecessor's discounted price, with a price cut of RMB 20,000 for the two higher-trim variants.

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Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Geely Holding Group, shared the latest orders for the updated Zeekr 001, demonstrating the model's initial acceptance.

The all-new Zeekr 001 has received more than 30,000 firm orders in its first month on the market, the company announced today on Weibo.

For the model, firm orders are defined as orders for which customers paid a RMB 5,000 ($670) non-refundable deposit.

Zeekr officially launched the updated Zeekr 001 on February 27 and is offering upgrades including premium exterior colors and wheels for free to customers who order the model by March 31.

It emphasized on Weibo today that these limited-time free benefits expire in just one day.

The Zeekr 001, the first model of the Zeekr, was launched on April 17, 2021 and deliveries began in October 2021.

The shooting brake model has been Zeekr's main seller, delivering 76,246 units in 2023, contributing 64 percent of the 118,685 Zeekr cars delivered in the year, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

Zeekr offers four versions of the updated Zeekr 001, just like its predecessor. This includes two WE versions, both with a starting price of RMB 269,000, another ME version with a starting price of RMB 299,000 and a YOU version with a starting price of RMB 329,000.

Compared to the previously on-sale Zeekr 001's discounted prices, the starting prices of the updated Zeekr 001's two WE editions remain unchanged, but the other two more expensive variants are both reduced by RMB 20,000 yuan.

The updated Zeekr 001's exterior remains unchanged, but the core specifications have been significantly upgraded, including the voltage platform being upgraded from 400 V to 800 V, resulting in faster charging speeds as well as lower energy consumption.

Zeekr delivered 7,510 vehicles in February, an increase of 37.67 percent year-on-year while a decrease of 40.10 percent from January, mainly due to the Chinese New Year holidays.

Zeekr's sales target for this year is 230,000 units, according to Geely's earnings report released on March 20. That represents about 94 percent growth, considering it delivered 118,685 vehicles in 2023.

The brand will launch three new models in 2024 to enter more segments, according to the earnings report.

Separately, Zeekr said in an announcement posted to its mobile app that it started subsidizing Chinese customers for delivery delays, given the recent spike in orders seen by Zeekr 001 and Zeekr 007.

Customers who pay a non-refundable deposit by April 30 can receive a subsidy of RMB 150 worth of credits per day, up to a total of RMB 3,000 worth, for deliveries that take longer than the maximum estimated length shown on its mobile app due to Zeekr.

This commitment applies to all of Zeekr's currently available models, including the Zeekr 001, Zeekr 001 FR, Zeekr 007, Zeekr 009, Zeekr X.

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