The new 001 will use Zeekr's in-house developed Golden Battery based on LFP chemistry.

Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Holding Group, is filing for the new Zeekr 001, heralding a major upcoming update to its main selling model.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released its latest catalog of models that will soon be allowed to be sold for public comment yesterday, and the new Zeekr 001 is included.

The public can submit feedback between January 16 and January 22. Entry into the catalog is the last major regulatory process by which a model can be allowed to be sold in China.

The new Zeekr 001 is a battery electric vehicle (BEV), like the company's current Zeekr 001.

It has four pages in MIIT's catalog, including two single-motor versions, and two dual-motor versions.

The new Zeekr 001 measures 4,977 mm in length, 1,999 mm in width and 1,545/1,533 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 3,005 mm, according to its filing page.

For comparison, the Zeekr 001 currently on sale has a length, width and height of 4,970 mm, 1,999 mm, 1,560 mm and a wheelbase of 1,560 mm.

The new Zeekr 001's battery is available in lithium ternary and lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery options from and Zeekr's subsidiary Jidian.

Zeekr unveiled the battery, called the Golden Battery, on December 14, which is based on LFP chemistry and is manufactured at Jidian's plant in Quzhou, Zhejiang province.

The single-motor version of the new Zeekr 001 has a motor with a maximum power of 310 kW, and the dual-motor version has an additional motor with a maximum power of 270 kW.

The vehicle weighs several versions, between 2,385 kg and 2,575 kg, and supports a top speed of 240 kilometers per hour.

The new Zeekr 001 supports options for LiDAR, air suspension. LiDAR is not supported by the model currently on sale.

Launched on April 17, 2021, and with deliveries beginning in October 2021, the Zeekr 001 has been Zeekr's main selling model.

Zeekr delivered a record 13,476 vehicles in December, bringing full-year 2023 deliveries to 118,685 vehicles.

The Zeekr 001 delivered 7,980 vehicles in December, contributing 59.22 percent of the Zeekr's monthly deliveries.

For the full year 2023, Zeekr 001 delivered 76,246 vehicles, contributing 64 percent of Zeekr deliveries.

Zeekr yesterday announced a continuation of the discounts for the Zeekr 001 that have been in place for the past few months, as well as new additional entitlements.

Zeekr's on-sale models also include the Zeekr 009 MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), the Zeekr X SUV, and the Zeekr 007 sedan, with the Zeekr 007 launched on December 27 and deliveries beginning on January 1.

Earlier this month, Zeekr launched the upgraded Zeekr 009 and Zeekr X.

($1 = RMB 7.1716)

Zeekr continues past months' discounts for Zeekr 001 and offers new perks