extends price discounts introduced in August 2023 for the Zeekr 001 and offers new benefits including a RMB 10,000 final payment reduction.

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Zeekr, the premium electric vehicle (EV) subsidiary of Holding Group, today announced realistic purchase entitlements for the Zeekr 001, extending the discounts it has been offering for the past several months and offering additional benefits.

Customers who purchase the Zeekr 001 from January 1-31 can continue to enjoy discounts of up to RMB 37,000 ($5,160), which lowers the starting price to RMB 269,000, according to an announcement today.

The Zeekr 001, Zeekr's first model, is currently on sale in four trims, with two WE versions starting at RMB 300,000 before discounts, and the other two -- ME and YOU versions -- starting at RMB 349,000 and RMB 386,000, respectively.

Zeekr is offering a discount of RMB 31,000 for the WE version of the Zeekr 001, bringing the starting price down to RMB 269,000 yuan. For the ME version, the discount is RMB 30,000, lowering the starting price to RMB 319,000, and for the YOU version, the discount is RMB 37,000, lowering the starting price to RMB 349,000.

These discounts are the same as those announced by Zeekr on August 11, 2023, although the validity of the offers then was December 31.

Zeekr's entitlements including the free blue exterior option worth RMB 6,000 and free home charger, which have been offered for the Zeekr 001 since August 2023, have also been retained.

In addition to these existing benefits, Zeekr is offering an additional RMB 34,000 worth of option funds for the WE version of the Zeekr 001 this month, as well as RMB 10,000 off the final payment of the Zeekr 001 for all versions of the car.

Moreover, the new benefits include a nine-month free trial of Zeekr Autonomous Driving (ZAD), Zeekr's assisted driving system.

The Zeekr 001 was launched on April 17, 2021, and deliveries began in October 2021 and has been Zeekr's main selling model.

On November 1, 2022, the Zeekr 009 was launched and its deliveries began on January 17. On April 12, the Zeekr X was launched and its deliveries began on June 12. On December 27 the Zeekr 007 was launched and its deliveries began on January 1.

Zeekr has already launched upgraded models for the Zeekr X and Zeekr 009, while the Zeekr 001 is yet to get a facelift.

Earlier today, Zeekr launched an upgraded version of the Zeekr 009 with a small increase in the starting price and better features. On January 10, Zeekr launched an updated version of the Zeekr X.

Zeekr delivered a record 13,476 vehicles in December, bringing full-year 2023 deliveries to 118,685 vehicles.

The Zeekr 001 delivered 7,980 vehicles in December, contributing 59.22 percent of Zeekr's monthly deliveries.

For the full year 2023, the Zeekr 001 delivered 76,246 vehicles, contributing 64 percent of Zeekr deliveries.

($1 = RMB 7.1723)

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