SkyOS is 's full-featured operating system, gradually realizing more functionality from the NT 1.0 platform to NT 2.0. The NT 3.0 platform will see the full-featured SkyOS.

(Image credit: Nio)

Nio (NYSE: NIO) unveiled an operating system called SkyOS, which it said is China's first operating system for smart electric vehicles (EVs), at the Nio IN 2023 innovation day event in Shanghai today.

SkyOS is Nio's full domain operating system, which builds a "1+4+N" technology cluster covering vehicle control, intelligent driving, cockpit, mobile connectivity and many other areas.

The 1 refers to SkyOS-H, which is a hypervisor that supports multi-operating system requirements in the cockpit and autonomous driving domains, and provides a secure base, according to the company.

The 4 represents four subsystems:

SkyOS-M, a highly secure, highly reliable, and real-time operating system built on a microkernel.

SkyOS- L, a lightweight, highly reliable, real-time operating system.

SkyOS-R, a high-performance operating system built for complex and rich application scenarios.

SkyOS-C, a deeply customized operating system based on Android.

The N of the technology cluster represents the middleware of SkyOS, which is designed for AI framework, sensor framework, power management, diagnosis, network and many other fields.

SkyOS is Nio's underlying vehicle operating system, enabling a wide range of devices to be integrated for efficient collaboration, the company said.

Nio's first-generation platform, NT 1.0, realized the mass production of some of the SkyOS middleware, and the second-generation NT 2.0 platform realized the mass production of SkyOS- L.

Full-featured SkyOS will be available on Nio's next-generation NT 3.0-based platform, the company said.

Nio is naming the software associated with the operating system the Sky series.

The company today launched its first smartphone, the Nio Phone, which comes with SkyUI, a customized Android-based mobile operating system.

Nio launches its 1st smartphone, starting at $890