Wait times for the ES8 have been shortened from 6-7 weeks to 5-6 weeks, the EC7 has been shortened from about 4 weeks to 3-4 weeks, and the ET5 and ET5 Touring have both gone from about 3 weeks to 4-5 weeks.

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Several of Nio's (NYSE: NIO) models saw wait times change in China for the first time since September 1.

The electric vehicle (EV) maker currently has four SUVs on sale -- the ES8, ES7, ES6, and EC7 -- and three sedans -- the ET7, ET5, and ET5 Touring.

The wait time for the Nio ES8 changed to 5-6 weeks today, shorter than the previous 6-7 weeks, CnEVPost's latest check shows.

The ES8 is Nio's first production vehicle, originally released at Nio Day 2017 on December 16, 2017. On December 28, 2019, Nio launched an updated version of the ES8 at Nio Day 2019.

On December 24, 2022, Nio launched the all-new ES8 at Nio Day 2022, and its deliveries began on June 28 of this year.

Nio delivered 19,329 vehicles in August, of which the ES8 contributed 2,369 units or 12.26 percent.

The ES8 is Nio's most expensive model currently on sale, with a starting price of RMB 498,000 ($68,430) including the battery.

The wait time for Nio's coupe SUV EC7 was shortened today to 3-4 weeks from about 4 weeks previously.

The EC7 was launched along with the new ES8 on Nio Day 2022 on December 24, 2022 and was first delivered on April 28 this year.

The coupe SUV -- with a starting price of RMB 458,000 -- delivered 492 units in August and 2,507 units in January-August.

The wait times for Nio's less expensive ET5 series -- the regular ET5 and the ET5 Touring -- have become longer, both going from about 3 weeks previously to 4-5 weeks.

Launched at Nio Day 2021 in December 2021, the regular ET5 is Nio's second sedan after the ET7, with first deliveries beginning on September 30, 2022.

The sedan delivered 2,882 units in August, contributing 14.91 percent of Nio's monthly deliveries.

The ET5 Touring was launched in China on June 15 and deliveries began on June 16. Pricing for the model is exactly the same as the regular ET5, with a starting price of RMB 298,000 including the battery.

The ET5 Touring delivered 4,083 units in August, contributing 21.12 percent of Nio's deliveries in August.

The wait times for other Nio models remained unchanged today, with the ES7 remaining at 4-5 weeks, the ES6 at 3-4 weeks and the ET7 at 4-5 weeks.

The company announced earlier this week that it will be holding a launch event to launch the all-new EC6 coupe SUV on September 15, starting at 8 pm Beijing time.

The NT 1.0 platform-based EC6's launch was on December 28, 2019, with first deliveries taking place in September 2020. It is Nio's only remaining model that has yet to complete the transition to the latest NT 2.0 platform.

($1 = RMB 7.2778)

Nio confirms new EC6 to be launched on Sept 15, already accepting pre-orders

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