The C01 EREV will feature battery packs with a capacity of up to 43.7 kWh, thus offering a battery range of up to 316 kilometers, which is higher than some versions of its T03 BEV.

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At a time when pure-play electric vehicles (EVs) are yet to be accepted by the vast majority of the population, adding a fuel tank to such models has become a powerful tool for some players in China to boost sales.

EV startup Leapmotor will launch an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) version of its flagship C01 battery electric vehicle (BEV) on September 20, which will carry a fuel tank along with a large battery pack.

The C01 EREV will feature a battery pack with a capacity of up to 43.7 kWh, thus providing a battery range of up to 316 kilometers, Leapmotor announced today.

Having a big battery is what makes a super EREV, Leapmotor wrote on its social media accounts.

Leapmotor didn't specify, but that range is supposed to be based on CLTC, and there will be a discount for real-life range.

For comparison, Leapmotor's less expensive BEV, the T03, has a 41.3-kWh battery pack in its top-of-the-line version, delivering 403 kilometers of CLTC range, while the T03's entry-level version packs a 21.6 kWh battery with a CLTC range of 200 kilometers.

(NASDAQ: LI), the most successful carmaker in China's EREV sector, has equipped its five-seat SUV, the Li L7, with a battery pack with a capacity of 42.8 kWh, although due to the model's size and weight, it has a CLTC battery range of 175 kilometers.

Founded in 2015, Leapmotor's models on sale include the mini EV T03, coupe model S01, flagship SUV model C11, and flagship sedan C01.

During the first quarter of the year, the company's deliveries plummeted and fell to just 1,139 units in January. But after the launch of the EREV variant of the C11 SUV on March 1, its monthly deliveries have moved back above 14,000 units in the past two months.

Leapmotor founder, chairman and CEO Zhu Jiangming said after the company's third-quarter results were announced on November 14, 2022, that all models of the company's C platform, as well as new platforms in the future, will have both BEV and EREV versions.

Compared to BEVs, EREVs are able to use gas stations located throughout China. Such vehicles are seen as completely free of mileage anxiety and offer the driving experience of BEVs.

Carmaker's sales are also reflecting that fact, with Li Auto, for example, already significantly outselling its two main peers, (NYSE: NIO) and (NYSE: XPEV).

Leapmotor didn't provide any more information about the C01 EREV today, but shared several images of the model.

The C01 EREV entered a regulatory catalog from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in July, and the core specs have been revealed.

The C01 EREV in the catalog has three variants, measuring 5,050 mm in length, 1,902 mm in width and 1,515 mm in height, and with a wheelbase of 2,930 mm. The EREV variant's dimensions are essentially the same as those of the C01 BEV, except that its height is taller than that of the latter, which is 1,509 mm.

The C01 EREV is powered by an electric motor with a maximum power of 200 kW, the range-extender has a maximum power of 68 kW and a displacement of 1,499 ml, according to the filing with the MIIT.

One version of the model will use a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack supplied by Gotion High-tech, while the other two versions will be powered by lithium ternary batteries supplied by CALB.

The battery pack mentioned by Leapmotor today with a capacity of 43.7 kWh is supposed to be a Li-ion ternary pack from CALB, and they typically have a higher energy density than LFP packs.

The C01 sedan went on sale on September 28, 2022, and as of now is only available in a BEV version, targeting the RMB 200,000 ($28,290) to 300,000 yuan market.

Leapmotor currently offers four options for the BEV version of the sedan, with starting prices of RMB 149,800, RMB 173,800, RMB 196,800, and RMB 208,800 respectively.

($1 = RMB 7.3293)

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