Leapmotor aims to launch 5 new global models in the next 2 years for sale in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas.

Leapmotor unveils 1st global model, C10, in Germany-CnEVPost

(Image credit: Leapmotor)

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Leapmotor today unveiled its first global model, the C10, at IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany, marking the launch of its global strategy.

The C10 is Leapmotor's mid-to-large-size SUV based on the latest Leap 3.0 architecture and will be available in battery electric vehicle (BEV) and extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) versions.

Founded in 2015, Leapmotor's on-sale models include the mini EV T03, coupe model S01, flagship SUV model C11, and flagship sedan C01.

The company's previous sales were largely contributed by the inexpensive EV T03, which has led Leapmotor to be seen as a budget EV maker. The C11 and C01 are its higher-priced models aimed at the mid-to-high-end markets.

Leapmotor founder, chairman and CEO Zhu Jiangming said on November 14, 2022, after announcing the company's third-quarter results, that all models on the company's C platform, as well as new platforms in the future, will have both BEV and EREV versions.

The company launched an EREV variant of its C11 SUV on March 1. Its C01 sedan is not yet available in China in an EREV version, but the variant has already entered a filing catalog with the Chinese industrial regulator in July.

In addition to the different power forms, Leapmotor will also offer a five-seat version and a six-seat option for the C10.

The C10 that Leapmotor showed off at the IAA Mobility event featured LiDAR on the roof, a component that is not used in any of the company's other models currently on sale.

Leapmotor is aiming to launch 5 new global models over the next 2 years, catering to both left-hand drive and right-hand drive markets, and selling in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas.

The company also announced that it will not only enter the European market as an automaker but will also offer electrical and electronic architecture technology exports, as well as vehicle manufacturing-based partnerships.

Leapmotor delivered 14,190 vehicles in August, the second highest on record behind July's 14,335, according to figures it announced on September 1.

Leapmotor did not release model-specific breakdown figures but said its flagship C-series models contributed more than 85 percent of deliveries in August.

The Leapmotor C11 series delivered more than 10,000 units, the company said. That means the SUV contributed more than 70 percent of Leapmotor's deliveries in August.

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