The Model 3 sedans produced in China in 2020 don't come with a power tailgate, and it started to allow owners to pay for an upgrade in February 2022.

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Tesla's Model 3 sedans built in China in 2020 don't come with a power tailgate, and the company began allowing owners to pay for an upgrade in February 2022. Now, it has cut the price of the service by 1,000 yuan ($140).

The price for Chinese Model 3 owners to upgrade to a power tailgate has been tweaked, with the latest at RMB 2,980, according to a poster posted by Tesla on Weibo today.

The latest price for the service has been reduced by RMB 1,000 compared to the previous RMB 3,980.

Tesla has a factory in Shanghai that produces the Model 3 and Model Y.

The Shanghai plant, which began construction on January 7, 2019 and became operational at the end of 2019, is China's first wholly foreign-owned auto manufacturing project.

Giga Shanghai began delivering Model 3 sedans in January 2020 and Model Y crossovers in January 2021 to local consumers.

Tesla's Chinese-made Model 3s delivered in 2020 do not come with a power tailgate. Starting in January 2021, the locally built Model Y, as well as the Model 3, are shipped with a power tailgate.

On February 17, 2022, Tesla announced an upgrade option for those who purchased a model that does not come with a power tailgate for RMB 3,980 yuan.

Tesla offers a three-year warranty for the service, and users can control the tailgate from the center screen.

Tesla's move to cut the price for the service comes as deliveries of the revamped Model 3 get closer.

Deliveries of Tesla's new Model 3 will begin in China at the end of September, an August 22 report by local media outlet 36kr said, citing several people familiar with the matter.

The new Model 3 has been fully upgraded on both the exterior and interior, and may eliminate all radars, the report noted.

Although Tesla has not released official information about the new Model 3, potential consumers are already waiting for the model and avoiding the current model.

($1 = RMB 7.2825)

Tesla to start delivering revamped Model 3s in China at end of Sept, report says