The launch of the Denza N8 comes just a month after the Denza N7 SUV, and there's some price overlap between the two.

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BYD's premium new energy vehicle (NEV) brand Denza has rolled out its new SUV, the Denza N8, just a month after the launch of its previous SUV.

Denza made the mid-to-large-size SUV Denza N8 officially available in China today, and it's currently only available in two versions, both of which are powered by BYD's DM-p hybrid system.

BYD's models are available in both pure electric and plug-in hybrid forms, with the latter including a DM-i version, which focuses on fuel economy, and a DM-p version, which focuses more on performance.

The two versions of the Denza N8 are the seven-seat and six-seat versions, with starting prices of RMB 319,800 ($44,600) and RMB 326,800, respectively.

The pricing has some overlap with Denza's July 3 launch of the Denza N7 SUV, which is currently offered in six variants with starting prices of RMB 301,800, RMB 319,800, RMB 321,800, RMB 339,800, RMB 349,800, and RMB 379,800 respectively.

The Denza N8 measures 4,949 mm in length, 1,950 mm in width and 1,725 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,830 mm, which is slightly larger than BYD's flagship SUV, the Tang family, which measures 4,870 mm in length, 1,950 mm in width and 1,725 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,820 mm.

The Denza N8 is powered by dual electric motors, the front motor with a maximum power of 160 kW and the rear motor with a maximum power of 200 kW, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

The model comes standard with a BYD blade battery pack with a capacity of 45.8 kWh and has an NEDC range of 216 km on battery power. On a full tank of fuel and full charge, the model's range can go up to 1,030 kilometers.

The launch of the Denza N8 seems to have come earlier than originally planned.

Denza had planned to launch a variant of the Denza D9 MPV on August 5, but the brand's chief, Zhao Changjiang, said on Weibo on July 28 that Denza decided to make the Denza N8 available on August 5 alongside the newer D9 model.

Denza today launched a DM-i hybrid variant of the D9 MPV with a combined range of 965 kilometers at a starting price of RMB 349,800.

Denza was initially a 50/50 joint venture between BYD and Daimler, which was established in February 2011. In February 2022, the Daimler brand was rebranded as Mercedes-Benz.

BYD's stake in Denza increased to 90 percent in the last year, and Mercedes-Benz's stake decreased to 10 percent.

The first model under the new Denza brand is the D9, an MPV that went on sale in August 2022 and began deliveries last October.

Denza's second model, the N7, was released on July 3 and deliveries began on July 31.

Denza sold 11,146 vehicles in July, essentially flat from 11,058 in June, according to figures released by BYD earlier this month.

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