Local automotive media has shared two images of the new EC6, saying that the model could be officially launched at the Chengdu auto show later this month.

It's no secret that (NYSE: NIO) will be launching a facelifted version of its coupe EC6 SUV. Over the past few months, images of the new EC6 have been circulating on the web from time to time, and recently these vehicles have completely ditched the camouflage.

Local automotive media outlet Auto Home has shared two images of the new EC6 today, saying that the model is expected to hit the market at the Chengdu auto show later this month.

The new EC6 in these two images is not only free of camouflage, but also has been fitted with an official license plate, unlike the previously circulated spy shots.

Apart from the EC6, Nio has completed the switchover from the first-generation NT 1.0-based platform to the latest NT 2.0-based platform for all other models.

The coupe SUV was unveiled on December 28, 2019. On February 13 this year, the new EC6 appeared in a filing catalog of the Chinese industrial regulator.

The model measures 4,849 mm in length, 1,995 mm in width, 1,697 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,915 mm, according to the filing.

For comparison, the old EC6 based on the NT 1.0 platform had a length, width and height of 4,850 mm, 1,965 mm, 1,731/ 1,714 mm and a wheelbase of 2,900 mm.

It is worth noting that Nio already has a coupe SUV EC7 on sale, which was launched on Nio Day 2022 on December 24, 2022, and deliveries began on April 28 this year.

The EC7 has a wind resistance of just 0.23 Cd, which Nio said at last year's launch was the lowest among mass-produced SUVs in the world.

The EC7's starting price, including the battery, is currently RMB 458,000, RMB 120,000 higher than the ES6 SUV's RMB 338,000 starting price.

Nio has been intensively launching and starting deliveries of a number of new models over the past few months, starting deliveries of the new ES6 on May 24, the ET5 Touring on June 16, and the new ES8 on June 28.

With the support of the new models, especially the new ES6, Nio delivered a record 20,462 vehicles in July, including more than 10,000 new ES6s.

Nio delivers record 20,462 vehicles in Jul, new ES6 exceeds 10,000 units