In June, loaded more than 4,000 vehicles with CALB battery packs, or 70 percent of its production for the month.

CALB, a smaller rival of power battery giant , loaded a record number of batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) in June and became Xpeng's (NYSE: XPEV) largest battery supplier.

CALB installed 2.9 GWh of power batteries in China in June, with 54,000 vehicles equipped with its batteries in the month, both record highs, Shanghai Securities News said in a report today.

CALB is currently a power battery supplier to passenger car companies including Changan Automobile, Xpeng, Nio (NYSE: NIO), Leapmotor, SAIC-GM-Wuling, GAC Group, and Geely, with a market share of 8.82 percent in June, the report noted.

Two models powered by CALB power batteries have recently hit the market, one of which is the Xpeng G6 and the other is GAC Aion's Hyper GT.

CALB is the exclusive battery supplier for the Xpeng G6, providing lithium iron phosphate (LFP) and lithium ternary batteries for the model, the Shanghai Securities News report noted.

The Xpeng G6 was officially launched in China on June 29, and CALB said in a WeChat post on the same day that the model is fully equipped with its high-rate fast-charging battery based on its 800 V high-voltage platform.

The battery has a peak charging power of 280 kW and can charge from 10 percent to 80 percent in as little as 19 minutes, CALB said at the time.

The Hyper GT, which went on sale on July 3, is equipped with CALB's LFP battery pack with an energy density of 153 Wh/kg, the highest energy density LFP battery that has been mass-produced in the industry, the Shanghai Securities News reported.

In the first half of 2023, CALB's batteries for Xpeng achieved six months of consecutive growth, holding steady as Xpeng's largest supplier and realizing coverage of Xpeng's entire model range, the report said.

In June, Xpeng loaded more than 4,000 vehicles with CALB battery packs, or 70 percent of its production for the month, according to the report.

Xpeng delivered 8,620 vehicles in June, up 14.84 percent from May, its fifth sequential growth, according to data released on July 1. Deliveries of the G6 began on July 10.

The increase in penetration of CALB battery packs in Xpeng models is mainly due to the availability of these packs in Xpeng's hot-selling models.

Compared to January, the penetration of CALB battery packs in Xpeng P7 increased by 80 percent, while the G6 also received a large number of orders after its launch, according to Shanghai Securities News.

In the next phase, CALB aims to achieve a single-month power battery installation of 3 GWh, according to the report.

Xpeng's previous main power battery supplier was CATL, and Brian Gu, vice chairman and president of the company, said on September 21, 2022, the day of the G9's launch, that the company diversified its battery suppliers and no longer uses CATL as its main supplier.

Last September 22, CALB said it had previously been the preferred supplier for the Xpeng P7 and P5 sedans, as well as the main supplier for the G3i, and had also begun supplying batteries for the G9.

CALB installed 2.9 GWh of batteries in June, ranking third in China with an 8.82 percent share, behind CATL at 45.13 percent and at 27.38 percent, according to the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance (CABIA).

This is an all-time high for CALB's battery installations, though its share is lower than its all-time high of 10.28 percent in March, data monitored by CnEVPost showed.

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