topped the LFP battery market with a 39.61 percent share, but lower than its 45.30 percent share in May.

saw its market share in China's power battery market expand in June, while BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) fell.

In June, China's power battery installed base was 32.9 GWh, up 21.8 percent year-on-year and up 16.5 percent from May, according to data released today by the China Automotive Battery Innovation Alliance (CABIA).

CATL's power battery installed capacity in June was 14.85 GWh, ranking first with a 45.13 percent share, up 3.82 percentage points from May's 41.31 percent share.

BYD's power battery installed capacity in June was 9.01 GWh, ranking second with a 27.38 percent share, down 3.34 percentage points from 30.72 percent in May.

BYD's share of China's power battery market was around 34 percent in January and February, below 30 percent in March and April, and back above 30 percent in May.

CALB, with 2.90 GWh of installed power batteries in June, ranked third with an 8.82 percent share, up 1.06 percentage points from 7.76 percent in May.

Eve Energy ranked No. 4 in June with 1.48 GWh of installed capacity and a 4.51 percent share, up 0.2 percentage point from 4.71 percent in May.

Gotion High-tech ranked fifth in June with 1.22 GWh loaded and a 3.69 percent share.

Gotion ranked fourth in March with a 4.51 percent share but was overtaken by Eve Energy in April.

China's June Li-ion ternary battery installations amounted to 10.1 GWh, accounting for 30.6 percent of total installations, down 13 percent year-on-year and up 11.6 percent from May.

The installed volume of LFP batteries was 22.7 GWh, accounting for 69.1 percent of the total, up 47.5 percent year-on-year and up 18.7 percent from May.

In the LFP battery market, BYD topped the list with a 39.61 percent share of the installed base of 9.01 GWh in June, but down from 45.30 percent in May.

CATL's installed base of 8.48 GWh in the LFP battery market in June was second with a 37.27 percent share, up from 30.81 percent in May.

In March, CATL's share of the LFP market was 39.47, higher than BYD's 38.88 percent, marking the first time this year that it has overtaken BYD in the segment.

BYD's share of the LFP market rebounded to 42.68 percent in April, overtaking CATL's 33.65 percent.

CALB and Eve Energy ranked third and fourth in the LFP battery market with 7.05 percent and 5.10 percent shares, respectively. It is worth noting that Eve Energy had a higher installed base of power batteries than CALB in this segment in May.

In the Li-ion ternary battery market, CATL's installed volume was 6.37 GWh in June, ranking first with a 63.21 percent share.

CALB and LG Energy Solution ranked second and third in the ternary battery market with 12.87 percent and 4.19 percent shares, respectively.

Global EV battery market share in Jan-May: CATL 36.3%, BYD 16.1%