LFP Batteries

LFP batteries expected to have over 60% global share by 2024, report says
The last two years of global battery cathode material industry capacity planning shows that the expansion scale and speed of LFP materials will far exceed that of ternary materials.
China's power battery installations rise 138% year-on-year to 21.4 GWh in March
LFP batteries lead ternary batteries in China for the ninth consecutive month.
LFP battery installations above ternary batteries in China for sixth consecutive month
For the full year 2021, LFP batteries accounted for 51.7 percent of all battery installations, higher than the 48.1 percent for ternary batteries.
LFP battery installations in China surpass ternary batteries for fifth consecutive month
From January to November, the cumulative installations of LFP batteries was 64.8 GWh, also surpassing the 63.3 GWh of ternary materials for the first time.
LFP battery installations in China surpass ternary batteries for fourth month in a row
That lead narrowed in October, as LFP battery installations fell 11.6 percent from September, while ternary battery installations rose 13.5 percent from September.
Daiwa Securities says it's reasonable if Tesla adds BYD as new LFP battery supplier
Daiwa Securities believes that 10 GWh of installed battery capacity could translate into close to 200,000 vehicles, which could be supplied not only to the Shanghai plant, but also to factories in Berlin or the US.
BREAKING: NIO launches 75-kWh hybrid-cell battery pack
Models equipped with the new 75 kWh battery are now available for orders, and will be delivered to users from this November. Prices are the same as models with the previous 70-kWh pack.
NIO rumored to release new 75-kWh pack that is expected to cost less with longer range
NIO is said to unveil a 75-kWh ternary and LFP hybrid pack on Sept 23, which is expected to cost less but have a longer range than the existing 70-kWh version.
EV battery maker Gotion signs deal to secure raw material supply amid soaring demand for LFP batteries
Jiangxi Special Electric Motor will supply Gotion High-tech with no less than 500 tons/month of battery-grade lithium carbonate, which can meet the raw material supply of at least 10 GWh of LFP batteries per year.
China's LFP battery installations extend its lead over ternary batteries in Aug
China's lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery installed base surpassed ternary batteries for the first time this year in July, and that lead widened in August.