's poster hints that it may announce developments related to its assisted driving system NOA, and a battery that supports ultra-fast charging.

(NYSE: NIO) and (NYSE: XPEV) both have their own signature annual events, Nio Day and 1024 Tech Day, respectively and now Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) is creating a similar one.

Li Auto will hold its first Family Tech Day event on Saturday, June 17, starting at 20:00, the extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) maker announced on its social media accounts yesterday.

The company's poster yesterday mentioned the words "5C" and "NOA," hinting that it may announce progress on a battery that supports ultra-fast charging, as well as its NOA (Navigation on ADAS) system.

"Li Auto's Family Tech Day launch ushers in the era of dual-energy," its poster reads.

Li Auto has been targeting family users, and the three SUV models currently on sale -- Li L7, Li L8 and Li L9 -- are designed to cater to such groups.

On April 18, Li Auto unveiled its all-electric solution on the first day of the Shanghai auto show, saying that the company has officially entered the dual-energy era, a phase in which the EREV and battery electric vehicle (BEV) product lines are developing in parallel.

The company's all-electric solution is based on an 800 V high-voltage platform that enables a BEV to get 400 kilometers of range on a 10-minute charge, it said at the time.

By 2025, Li Auto's product array will include a super flagship model, five EREVs, and five BEVs, it said.

Li Auto's first all-electric model will be the world's first to feature 's 4C Qilin Battery, it said at the launch in April. The model is expected to be an MPV to be released by the end of the year.

C refers to the battery's charging multiplier, and 4C means that the pack can theoretically be fully charged in a quarter of an hour.

It's worth noting that when Li Auto previewed its Family Tech Day on May 31, it poster showed text that included "4C".

In the poster released yesterday, that text was changed to "5C," perhaps implying that it will use a faster-charging CATL battery.

In terms of assisted driving software, Li Auto announced its latest generation of assisted driving system, AD Max 3.0, on April 18, and said the software will be free for life.

Li Auto's current assisted driving systems include AD Max and AD Pro. AD Max 2.0 is powered by NVIDIA's Orin X chip and Hesai's LiDAR, while AD Pro 2.0 is powered by Horizon Robotics' Journey 5 chip.

AD Max 3.0's all-scenario NOA will begin internal testing this quarter and will cover more than 100 cities by the end of the year, Li Auto previously said.

Li Auto delivers record 28,277 vehicles in May, surpassing RMB 10 billion in monthly revenue for 1st time