The number of battery swap stations and charging stations built by and Sinopec reached 251, including 102 battery swap stations, 121 supercharging stations and 28 destination charging stations.

(Image credit: NIO)

NIO (NYSE: NIO) and Chinese fossil fuel giant Sinopec Group have built more than 100 battery swap stations together, as their partnership turns two years old.

On the second anniversary of the strategic partnership between NIO and Sinopec on April 15, the first two third-generation battery swap stations built by the two companies were put into operation, the electric vehicle company announced today.

To date, NIO has built 251 charging stations and battery swap stations in partnership with Sinopec, with an average of one station coming online every three days, NIO said.

These stations include 102 battery swap stations, 121 supercharging stations and 28 destination charging stations, covering 27 provincial administrative regions and 89 cities.

The partnership between NIO and Sinopec is a milestone for the development of China's smart electric vehicle industry. Both companies will continue to efficiently integrate resources to further provide users with a better charging experience and contribute to carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, NIO said.

On April 15, 2021, NIO and Sinopec signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build charging and battery swap infrastructure.

At that time, the first NIO second-generation swap station was opened at a Sinopec gas station area in Beijing in the presence of both parties.

On April 15 last year, the first anniversary of the partnership, the number of battery swap stations and charging stations they have built together reached 175, including 71 battery swap stations, 75 supercharging stations and 29 destination charging stations.

As of April 14, NIO has 1,344 battery swap stations and 2,455 charging stations in China providing 14,584 charging piles. Its charging map also has access to more than 680,000 third-party charging stations in China.

NIO has not yet announced its latest number of battery swap stations as of today.

On April 12, NIO's first 10 third-generation battery swap stations went live in 10 Chinese cities, marking the start of its aggressive infrastructure build-out this year.

NIO announced plans late last year to add 400 battery swap stations in 2023, but that plan was raised to 1,000 on February 21.

William Li, NIO's founder, chairman and CEO, said at the time that the company would further accelerate the deployment of battery swap stations, aiming to have more than 2,300 battery swap stations in China by the end of 2023.

NIO's 1st 10 3rd-gen swap stations go into operation