, , and 's booths were all in Hall 6.1, BYD was in Hall 7.1, and is absent.

The organizers of the upcoming Auto Shanghai 2023, which will start on April 18, have announced the booth locations of all exhibitors.

We start this post with a table showing the booth locations of the major car companies and follow it with a full floor plan of the halls.

Specifically, NIO's booth is 6A01 in Hall 6.1, XPeng is 6A08 in Hall 6.1, and Li Auto is 6A04 in Hall 6.1.

BYD is at 7A06 in Hall 7.1, and its Yangwang brand is at 8A05 in Hall 8.1.

The absence of Tesla in these maps means it will not be at the Shanghai auto show.

Tesla attended the last Shanghai auto show two years ago, but entered the spotlight then because of a female owner's protest on the roof of a car. Since then, Tesla has not participated in any auto shows in China.

The Shanghai auto show will be held at the National Exhibition and Convention Center from April 18 - 27, where April 18 - 19 will be the media days, April 20 - 21 will be the professional visitors' days, and the general public will be able to enter and visit from April 22 - 27.

Major exhibitors at Shanghai auto show 2023

Hall 33A01Chevrolet
Hall 33A02Buick
Hall 33A03SAIC Maxus
Hall 33A04IM Motors
Hall 33A05SAIC Audi
Hall 33A06Cadillac
Hall 33A07SAIC Volkswagen
Hall 33A08MG
Hall 33A09Rising Auto
Hall 33A10Roewe
Hall 4.14A01Smart
Hall 4.14A02Volvo
Hall 4.14A03Denza
Hall 4.14A04Hyundai & Beijing Hyundai
Hall 4.14A05Jiangling
Hall 4.14A06Shenlan
Hall 4.14A07Mercedes Benz
Hall 4.14A08Arcfox
Hall 4.14A09BAIC Group
Hall 4.14A10Dayun New Energy
Hall 4.14A11Skyworth Auto
Hall 4.14A13Visteon
Hall 5.15A01Hongqi
Hall 5.15A02Volkswagen
Hall 5.15A03Changan Mazda
Hall 5.15A04Toyota Boshoku
Hall 5.15A05Jetta
Hall 5.15A06Audi
Hall 5.15A07
Hall 5.15A08China Mobile
Hall 5.15A09Unity China
Hall 5.15A10SenseAuto
Hall 6.16A01NIO
Hall 6.16A02AITO
Hall 6.16A03Lynk & Co
Hall 6.16A04Li Auto
Hall 6.16A05
Hall 6.16A07
Hall 6.16A08XPeng
Hall 6.16A09Ecarx
Hall 6.16A10Hycan
Hall 6.16A11
Hall 6.16A12Innovusion
Hall 6.16A13FinDreams
Hall 7.17A01Mini
Hall 7.17A02BMW
Hall 7.17A03HiPhi
Hall 7.17A04Yuanhang
Hall 7.17A05Haval & Great Wall Cannon
Hall 7.17A06BYD Auto
Hall 7.17A07Leapmotor
Hall 7.17A08Baidu Apollo
Hall 7.17A09Bosch
Hall 7.17A10Brabus
Hall 6.26B01Dongfeng M Hero
Hall 6.26B02Jaguar Land Rover
Hall 6.26B03Lexus
Hall 6.26B04Voyah
Hall 6.26B05Tank & Wey
Hall 6.26B06Genesis
Hall 6.26B07Polestar
Hall 6.26B08Volvo
Hall 6.26B09Avatr
Hall 6.26B10Lincoln
Hall 6.26B12Horizon Robotics
Hall 7.27B01Nissan
Hall 7.27B02Dongfeng Motor
Hall 7.27B03iCAR
Hall 7.27B04Honda
Hall 7.27B05Fujian Benz
Hall 7.27B06JAC Group
Hall 7.27B07Huawei
Hall 7.27B08Dongfeng Citroen
Hall 7.27B09Jetour
Hall 7.27B10Chery
Hall 7.27B11Exeed
Hall 7.27B12Dongfeng Peugeot
Hall 8.18A01Ducati
Hall 8.18A02Mansory
Hall 8.18A03Bentley
Hall 8.18A04Lorinser
Hall 8.18A05Yangwang
Hall 8.18A06Honda Motorcycle
Hall 8.18A07Porsche
Hall 8.18A08Horwin
Hall 8.18A09Vulcanus
Hall 8.18A10AM
Hall 8.18A11Auxun/Lumma
Hall 8.18A12Shenzer
Hall 8.18A13Zhejiang Carlsson
Hall 8.18A14Juntian
Hall 8.18A15Kafu
Hall 8.18A16Jinghang
Hall 8.18A17Harley-Davidson
Hall 8.18A18Armadillo
Hall 8.18A19Cyberspace
Hall 8.18A20Maserati
Hall 8.18A21Lamborghini
Hall 8.18A22Karlmann
Hall 8.18A23Kede
Hall 8.18A24Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
Hall 8.18A25Lotus
Hall 8.18A26Bufite
Hall 8.28B01Subaru
Hall 8.28B02FAW Bestune
Hall 8.28B03Changan
Hall 8.28B04Ford Motor
Hall 8.28B05
Hall 8.28B06GAC Trumpchi
Hall 8.28B07
Hall 8.28B08Toyota
Hall 8.28B09Livan
Hall 8.28B10Kia
Hall 8.28B12Black Sesame