delivered 12,157 vehicles in February, including 6,471 ET5s, 649 ET7s and 2,848 ES6s.

(From left to right: EC7, EC6, ET7, ET5. Screenshot on March 14.)

NIO (NYSE: NIO) has seen slightly longer wait times for two of its models in China, the first time since late January that such a change has occurred.

The company's current main seller, the ET5 electric sedan, now has an expected delivery date of 3-4 weeks, up 1 week from the previous 2-3 weeks, information from the NIO App monitored by CnEVPost shows.

The NIO ES7 SUV currently has an expected delivery date of 4-6 weeks, up from about 3 weeks previously.

The NIO App is currently showing 8 models, including the old ES8, ES6 and EC6 based on the NT 1.0 platform, and the all-new ES8, ES7, EC7, ET7 and ET5 based on the NT 2.0 platform.

The EC7 and the new ES8 were launched at NIO Day 2022 held on December 24, 2022, and deliveries are set to begin in May and June, respectively.

The wait time information is unchanged today for all models except for the ES7 and ET5.

(From left to right: All-new ES8, old ES8, ES7, ES6. Screenshot on March 14.)

Yesterday, the NIO App stopped showing the expected delivery time for the ET7. There have been recent rumors that NIO may release a revamped version of its flagship sedan.

The longer wait time for vehicles could be due to increased consumer demand compared to previously, or a lack of parts availability. There is no way to tell exactly why the wait times for the NIO ES7 and ET5 have become longer.

NIO delivered 12,157 vehicles in February, up 42.92 percent from 8,506 in January and up 98.29 percent from 6,131 in the same month last year, according to data it released on March 1.

That delivery volume included 5,037 SUVs, and 7,120 sedans, NIO said. The ET7 and ET5 are sedans, all other models are SUVs.

Separately, data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) showed the ET5 delivered 6,471 units in February, the ET7 649 units and the ES6 2,848 units. Breakdown figures for other models are not available.

Changes in wait times for NIO models

05/09/23ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks↑About 4 weeks
04/28/23ET7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeks↓About 3 weeks
04/28/23EC7 (NT 2.0)About 4 weeks↑About 5 weeks
04/25/23ES7 (NT 2.0)3-5 weeks↓About 3 weeks
04/21/23ET7 (NT 2.0)NANAAbout 4 weeks
04/21/23EC7 (NT 2.0)Mid MayNAAbout 4 weeks
04/17/23ES7 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeks↑3-5 weeks
04/14/23ES6 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
04/10/23ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks↓About 2 weeks
04/10/23ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks↓About 2 weeks
03/28/23ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeks↓About 3 weeks
03/28/23ES7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeks↓About 3 weeks
03/14/23ET5 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks↑3-4 weeks
03/14/23ES7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks↑4-6 weeks
03/13/23ET7 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeksNAStop showing
02/14/23ES7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeks↓About 3 weeks
02/14/23ET7 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeks↓About 3 weeks
02/14/23ET5 (NT 2.0)About 3 weeks↓2-3 weeks
02/6/23ET5 (NT 2.0)3-4 weeks↓About 3 weeks
01/28/23ES7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks↑3-4 weeks
01/28/23ET7 (NT 2.0)2-3 weeks↑3-4 weeks
01/28/23ET5 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeks↓3-4 weeks
01/11/23ET5 (NT 2.0)8-10 weeks↓7-9 weeks
01/5/23ET5 (NT 2.0)9-11 weeks↓8-10 weeks
12/29/22ET5 (NT 2.0)10-12 weeks↓9-11 weeks
12/22/22ET5 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeks↓10-12 weeks
12/20/22ES7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeks↓2-3 weeks
12/13/22ET5 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeks↓12-14 weeks
12/13/22ET7 (NT 2.0)About 2 weeks↑2-3 weeks
12/13/22EC6 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
12/2/22ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeks↓13-15 weeks
11/25/22ES7 (NT 2.0)7-9 weeks↓4-6 weeks
11/25/22ET7 (NT 2.0)3-5 weeks↓About 2 weeks
11/23/22ES8 (NT 1.0)About 2 weeksNAStop showing
11/16/22ET7 (NT 2.0)4-6 weeks↓3-5 weeks
11/10/22ES8 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeks↓About 2 weeks
11/10/22ES6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeks↓About 2 weeks
11/10/22EC6 (NT 1.0)2-3 weeks↓About 2 weeks
11/3/22ES7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeks↓7-9 weeks
11/3/22ET7 (NT 2.0)6-8 weeks↓4-6 weeks
11/3/22ES8 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks↓2-3 weeks
11/3/22ES6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks↓2-3 weeks
11/3/22EC6 (NT 1.0)2-4 weeks↓2-3 weeks
10/31/22ES7 (NT 2.0)12-14 weeks↓11-13 weeks
10/31/22ES8 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks↓2-4 weeks
10/31/22ES6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks↓2-4 weeks
10/31/22EC6 (NT 1.0)3-5 weeks↓2-4 weeks
10/21/22ES7 (NT 2.0)13-15 weeks↓12-14 weeks
10/21/22ET7 (NT 2.0)11-13 weeks↓6-8 weeks
10/21/22ET5 (NT 2.0)21-23 weeksNAStop showing
10/21/22ES8 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks↓3-5 weeks
10/21/22ES6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks↓3-5 weeks
10/21/22EC6 (NT 1.0)4-6 weeks↓3-5 weeks